Osmosis system kitchen tap: what it is and how it can benefit you

Category: Kitchen trends
Date: 17 jun 2020

Osmotised water technology filters and purifies water, and having an osmosis tap is a convenient option that makes water healthier with one simple gesture.

In many areas, the water from the kitchen tap is very hard, tastes unpleasant and is of poor quality. This lack of quality often means that people have to buy bottled water, with all the inconvenience this entails.

A practical solution to improve the quality of the water in our homes is to opt for an osmosis-system kitchen tap: with a simple gesture we obtain healthy water which is free of impurities and has a pleasant taste.



Noken's double osmosis tap for kitchen


What is an osmosis tap?

Osmosis taps are taps with a technology that makes them compatible with an osmosis system, which supplies water filtered by means of reverse osmosis. 

Noken's double osmosis tap is a single-lever kitchen tap with a rotating spout.

It incorporates two outlets, one for normal water and the other for osmosis-filtered water, so there is no need to make a second hole in the worktop to fit an outlet for filtered water next to the kitchen tap.

Noken's Maximum Chrome finish guarantees the beauty and durability of this model, thanks to rigorous quality control and daily monitoring during the chrome plating process to ensure optimum thicknesses of nickel and chrome for each piece.


How to repair an osmosis tap that drips?

We can repair an osmosis taps that drips by replacing its cartridge:   


Where can I buy an osmosis tap? 

Our osmosis taps are available at any of our sales outlets around the world. For more information, follow this link.