Noken’s showroom at the 24th International Exhibition: technical area and experiential tour through the bathrooms of the future

Noken llevó a la XXIV Muestra Internacional PORCELANOSA dos áreas más de muestra de sus productos: la zona técnica de expositores y la Room Experience.

Apart from the signature spaces and the area designed for the most exclusive bathroom atmospheres; the innovative Noken showroom brought two more areas to the 24th PORCELANOSA Grupo International Exhibition in which it could showcase its products: the exhibitors’ technical area and the Room Experience.

In both areas, the professionals and the visitors from around the world were able to find inspiration through the most advanced bathroom equipment from PORCELANOSA Bathrooms, in a different, specific and experiential way.

On one hand, the signature areas and bathroom spaces allow for going deeper into the aesthetical inspiration through the most modern bathroom designs, whilst on the other hand, the exhibitors’ technical area is more focused on the bathroom product technical knowledge, mainly basins, taps, sanitaryware and shower heads.

With regard to the basins, this exhibitors’ technical area offered a reserved place for the new basin models from the Arquitect collection. This way, one could see them in all their natural colour tones: white, soft white, sand, chestnut and coal; as well as in all their format and installation system options: floor-standing, countertop and recessed basin. Additionally, shown in this very same space and as the excellent partner for these new Arquitect basins in top of the range ceramic, one can find the Round taps, in a black matt finish and with the cold-opening sustainable system. One of the other basins present in this technical space, was that from the Tono collection. The functional series by Foster+Partners offers several designs, shapes and sizes, and all of them were seen by the visitors themselves at the 24th International Exhibition.

Regarding the taps, and apart from the Round collection, it was possible to discover all the tap products on the USA market, and also all the international tap products. Various alternatives in perfect combination between design, functionality and technology, at the service of the most exclusive bathrooms in the world.

Because of its system technology, the sanitaryware with the NK Concept electronic seat stood out in the exhibitors’ technical area as well. A high cutting-edge product which aims towards futuristic bathrooms.

Last but not least, the area also held a space for the showerheads, the most outstanding ones from the latest bathroom collections by Noken. In addition to their beauty and finishes, one could see their different functions as well as their water outlet modes, such as cascade, jet, rain or chromotherapy.

Room Experience: an experiential tour through the most innovative and advanced equipment

One of the important highlights from Noken’s showroom at this 24th Global Architecture and Interior Design International Exhibition was the Room Experience. A unique space where professionals and visitors were able to enjoy an experiential tour through the most exclusive, elegant and technological bathroom designs.

It was certainly a new experience that was provided for the visitor, and which offered them the latest collections from a different angle, therefore, awakening all the senses and highlighting the advanced features of the equipment.

Noken Showroom 2017 from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms on Vimeo.

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