Noken visited by construction company Kolte – Patil

Los responsables de la constructora Kolte - Patil han visitado recientemente las instalaciones de Noken para conocer las últimas novedades en equipamiento para baño, además de las nuevas propuestas del resto de firmas de PORCELANOSA Grupo

Those in charge of construction company Kolte – Patil recently visited Noken’s facilities to see the latest bathroom fittings products, as well as the new products from the rest of the firms of the PORCELANOSA Group. A group of the most notable journalists from the media in India accompanied the leaders of the company on their visit.

Currently, Indian construction company Kolte – Patil is undertaking the 24K project, constructing an urban area with luxury homes in Pune, the seventh largest city in India, whose bathrooms are being fitted with washbasins, toilets and taps by Noken. 24K has already won several awards which highlight the qualities and innovation of the project.

Fitted with all conveniences, in these 24 carat homes, the smallest details have been considered to create intelligent homes fitted with the most state-of-the-art household technology, placed in an idyllic atmosphere with green areas, games areas, sports facilities and swimming pools.

Sustainability is another of the factors that has been reinforced in this residential project which has the main sustainability certifications, recognised at an international level. In this sense, energy efficiency has been emphasised, using ecological materials and accessories which allow a responsible use of energy and the conservation of water.

All of this, with an elegant, modern design has created comfortable, safe homes with materials of first rate quality. Users can choose between three different styles to achieve tailor-made interiors which conform to their tastes and needs.

Headquartered in Pune, Kolte – Patil is one of the most important companies in the Indian housing sector, having developed emblematic projects in Pune and Bangalore, as well as projects in luxury urban redevelopment. During their two decades of activity, the construction company has applied its creative philosophy in projects of the most diverse types, from residences to commercial spaces and technological parks.

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