Noken from the origin: “the tradition of innovation” at the sanitaryware production centre

Category: News
Date: 15 mar 2017

Part of Noken's success is based on its firm commitment to renewal and change. Continuously, the bathroom equipment company from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, renews and updates its production processes with the aim of offering unique pieces for the bathroom, which have the highest quality and technology.

However, if anything stands out by Noken then it is its "tradition of innovation." Because, apart from opting for innovation in bathroom design, Noken preserves traditional and human manufacturing, ensuring the quality and perfect "handmade" imperfection in each of its pieces for the bathroom.

Authenticity linked to innovation in bathroom equipment

Although we live in the age of high technology and automation, in high demand design and functionality products, quality is a matter of craftsmanship by people, who offer their personal and careful touch, along with a taste for detail. For this reason, Noken maintains a high percentage of manual production in its production processes, which guarantees the high standard of quality and the optimum look of its sanitaryware.

Because still today quality is a matter of human craftsmanship. Noken has shown over and over again its essential disposition to open new roads with innovative techniques, with exceptional designs and based on the creation of new product segments. However, this human factor and choice for the handmade and traditional manufacturing, make the result unique and perfect, created to meet the most exclusive bathrooms in the world.

Noken Ceramic®: high quality in manufacturing materials

Apart from the tradition of innovation in its production processes, Noken meets the quality standards by using high quality materials, which provide each of the pieces with great value, as well as high-level of strength, durability and easy maintenance.

Noken Ceramic®, high-end ceramics for sanitaryware, this high-performance material, designed from exclusive raw materials. The careful selection of the material creates a coloured layer in the pieces of the purest white, and its ceramic baking is at 1250ºC. Also, it should be noted that this high-range ceramic which allows for the creation of designs with very demanding quality tolerance in planimetry and surfaces, achieving a pore-free vitrified, scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic material.

Noken has several sanitaryware production centres spread all over the world. All of them are being constantly renewed to offer exclusive and high-quality pieces, with the guarantee from the PORCELANOSA Grupo products.