Noken Room EXPERIENCE: a technological experiential tour around the most advanced bathroom design

Category: News
Date: 17 feb 2017

Once again, Noken sets the trend at the PORCELANOSA GRUPO International Exhibition  by making use of state-of-the-art technology to provide users with sensorial experiences. This is certainly the objective sought after by the Noken Room Experience: to make visitors feel its bathroom products’ internal manufacturing from a new point of view, much more experience-based and in line with stimulating the five senses.

Since the new bathroom concept, the one that stands out in the contemporary bathrooms, turns out to be the one whose equipment allows us to have our senses stimulated when cutting ourselves off from the outside. In order to achieve this, Noken in its innovative showroom for the 24th Global Architecture and Interior Design, has included this ‘space of experiences’, where one can admire the essence of PORCELANOSA Bathrooms through the most advanced bathroom design and equipment.

Noken Room EXPERIENCE: How ideas come about

This year Noken has travelled around seeking the essence of bathrooms and it has discovered something important: There is not a specific way of interacting with water, and there is not a definitive bathroom, either. Bathroom rituals are different in every culture, city, home and person. They are specific moments where one can find their own space and feel refreshed when interacting with water. Atmospheres where one can relax and find their inner self in.

All of this makes Noken strive, so that that every person has a unique, innovative and sustainable bathroom; to be the trademark which defines how a bathroom should be.

Because around a great trademark, there is a big bathroom concept, whose main purpose is to adapt to people and give them the freedom needed to create their own bathroom spaces.

Visit the Noken Room Experience, in the Noken PORCELANOSA Bathroom showroom.