Noken presents its latest designs at the 1st Efficiency exhibition in Bathroom Equipment

Category: News
Date: 05 oct 2016

Noken, the bathroom equipment firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, has organised the 1st Efficiency and Bathroom Equipment meeting with the aim of cooperating with national architectural teams, by promoting both innovation and constant renovation, and also by presenting the latest designs regarding bathroom design.

As a significant participation, the collaboration of the renowned architectural studio in Madrid, Touza Arquitectos, is present in this first session of the architecture and interior design competition.

Touza Arquitectos: architecture at the service of society  

The architecture studio that is located in Madrid founded by Julio Touza Rodríguez in 1975 has been developing various architectural projects ranging from residential buildings, social housings and hotels, to health and university centres for more than 40 years. In recent years, it has focused its work on business buildings and on historic building renovations. During its extensive progress, it has collaborated with the firms from the PORCELANOSA Grupo several times.

One of the most highlighted projects by Touza in collaboration with Porcelanosa, has been the Gran Vía Casino restoration. It is a historical building in the very centre of Madrid, where the Group took part with the Krion® Solid Surface mineral compact, as well as with both the sanitaryware and taps by Noken.


Likewise, that very same year, it was awarded with the completed projects prize at the  7th Architecture and Interior Design Awards by the PORCELANOSA Grupo by the Madrid 3M Customer Technical Centre. A compact construction based on architectural simplicity with an aesthetical touch which becomes apparent in the small details. This project perfectly depicts the studio’s work philosophy, which is aimed at people’s wellbeing. Touza Arquitectos is aware of the fact that architecture must be at the service of society, and at the same time, it must both respect and harmonise with its environment, always with the added value of both beauty and innovative design.


In this regard, Touza focuses its work on the use of new materials and techniques as an excellent method, which promotes the evolution of architecture.

On the basis of the interest in innovation and with regard to its pursuit to service society, it has shown interest in some of the products from this first exhibition organised by Noken.  To be precise, and regarding sanitaryware, it has taken an interest in the removable seats with the ‘soft-close’ system. The same interest was also shown in the taps as well as in the design items from the Hotels collection, which is characterised by both its simplicity and timelessness.

The first exhibition has been a real success with regard to the visitors, and what is more, it has let Noken strengthen its relationship with the most renowned interior and bathroom design professionals from our country. Therefore, Noken is now working on the organisation of new events in order to present its latest interior bathroom designs.