Marriott International Hotels bathrooms

Category: Hotels, Projects
Date: 16 dic 2015

Enjoying luxury and sophistication in any hotel stay, and what is more, taking pleasure in the comfort that an exclusive personal service offers, turns out to be one of the core ideas that the Marriott International American hotel chain pursues for its guests along with over 5000 premises worldwide.

In order to achieve this goal, it is essential to have reliable equipment which is able to fulfil the high standards of quality that a luxury hotel exclusively demands for its guests’ stays. Hence, the chain trusts in the materials by Noken Design, the PORCELANOSA Grupo firm specialised in bathrooms design, with the aim of equipping its most emblematic hotels.

To see these materials at first-hand, we have travelled to the USA to stay at two unique hotels which portray the comfort and distinctive quality that a stay at a Marriott has in store for its guests: AC by Marriott in Chicago Downtown, and Marriott Augusta GA Convention Centre, in Georgia.

AC by Marriott: Downtown Chicago, Illinois.

Located close to the best restaurants, stores and leisure areas, the AC by Marriott boutique hotel in Chicago, provides guests with a modern choice to explore the city or do business offering the maximum comfort.

After an intense working day, there is nothing quite like feeling refreshed thanks to a unique experience in the bathroom. To be precise, and in order to equip them, the Urban Once Piece Toilet pans and sanitary wares have been the choice, which is a timeless design collection that is highlighted by its versatility, making it adaptable to any need. Likewise, one can find the NK One collection, which dominates the specially adapted bathrooms for disabled guests.

Marriott Augusta GA, Convention Center, Georgia.

The elegant Augusta Marriott at Convention Center, with an exclusive location at the heart of the commercial area of the city, on the banks of the Savannah river, has spacious rooms and suites with access to a gym, an indoor swimming pool and a business area.  A world of real luxury and comfort aimed at boosting productivity.

It is worth mentioning the bathrooms in this hotel, since they are equipped with the Arquitect One Piece Toilet pans, a functional and soft-lined collection which proves that the dynamism in its lines is not at odds with the most contemporary designs. The slight curves are precisely the ones that provide these sanitary wares with the harmony and balance they are characterised by.

Enjoy a unique experience regardless of life’s demands in the most important cities in the USA, thanks to the merger between the Marriott hotel chain and the Noken Design bathrooms by PORCELANOSA Grupo.