Noken picks up the Lignage Award for ‘Best Design’ at the IF Design Awards

Ramón Esteve is awarded with the 'Gold' badge for his bathroom taps at a ceremony held in Munich, Germany.

The Lignage bathroom taps wins the Best Bathroom Design award at the IF Design Awards 2019. Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms will be given the award by the organisation at a ceremony held in Munich on March 15. This event will be attended by more than 2.000 professionals and guests representing all the award winning companies.

The event will take place at the BMW Welt in Munich, Germany. Noken will be one of the most sought-after brands, since Lignage has won the award from more than 6.400 designs. For its classic-renewed aesthetic and for being able to revolutionise the future of the bathroom from design, Lignage has been awarded for Best Design in the 'Bathrooms-Product" category'. Ramón Esteve himself will pick up this award, and he will be accompanied by José Luis Aleixandre from Noken’s management team.



José Luis Aleixandre said: "For Noken, it is an honour to win this award. It is recognition of the daily effort put in by our entire team.

Creating a unique design capable of evoking a journey through time, where classicism and contemporaneity converge, and at the same time, providing the product with the highest functional benefit. This has been the challenge we have faced in this project, and, with Ramón Esteve’s help, we have more than achieved it.

At Noken, we will continue working to offer our clients and customers quality products, while being environmentally friendly minded with an exclusive and differentiating design”.

The awards ceremony starts at 7:00pm, and afterwards, there will be a commemorative party for all the winners.

Among the benefits that the winners get from being awarded the "seal of excellence" from the IF Design Awards, is the showcasing of their products at the IF Design Exhibition in Hamburg. Lignage, together with the rest of the winners, will be present at the Exhibition from June 20 to July 24, 2019.





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