Noken from its origin: quality and banking on sustainability in tap production plants

Noken, firma de equipamiento de baños de PORCELANOSA Grupo, basa su tradición en la innovación y en la creación de productos que se posicionen como líderes.

Noken, the bathroom equipment firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, bases its  traditions on innovation, as well as on the creation of products positioned at the forefront of the market. In order to achieve this, Noken continuously extends its core expertise, therefore, getting the skills and experiences needed to combine the highest-level of functionality, design and technology in its bathroom designs.

Thanks to the combination of craftwork and a cutting-edge approach to some highly efficient productive processes, Noken takes the initiative in the development, design and manufacturing of its excellent range of products. Additionally, it strives to test and improve every piece, with the aim of ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. This way, and through the continuous innovation of its productive processes, Noken gets to launch timeless high-quality designs in the market, which will look perfect forever and always remain as good as new. Again and again, the products by Noken amaze everyone because of their avant-garde design and elegance, in short, because of their unique features.

Tap production plants: excellence in the production processes

Noken counts on several tap production plants that are widely distributed around the globe, all of them coming under the same excellence and quality requirements. Apart from giving great attention to the aesthetical design of each bathroom piece, Noken opts for high-excellence in the materials for the manufacturing of the pieces, therefore, providing the taps with a unique value.

Additionally, Noken ensures maximum control of all the tap production processes, by confirming that they meet all the standards of quality both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, the firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo tests and checks the quality of the tap surfaces, striving to provide them with a hard-wearing gloss finish.

The durability and optimum resistance to ageing is one of Noken’s ruling passions when conceiving its tap designs. This is the reason why it ensures high-excellence in the features, not only in the productive processes, but also from the very same design stage.

Taps by Noken: cutting-edge fusion and a sustainable spirit

With this excellence in the production, and after a careful and meticulously painstaking design stage, Noken offers a wide range of taps, both for basin and bathtub or single lever shower mixers in its product catalogue.

In all of them, the aesthetical innovation is combined through elegant trendy finishes, with technological systems which suit every bathroom and make the user’s daily life easier.

One of the other main features about the taps by Noken is the fact of being ecological and very environmentally friendly. Noken is aware of the planet’s natural resources being limited, and this is the reason why it strives to save water and energy, and also to reduce the carbon dioxide pollution in the atmosphere. All of this through some programmes such as the cold-opening system taps or the ECO aerator.

For all these reasons, the high quality, design, innovation and sustainability, Noken, a firm belonging to the PORCELANOSA Grupo, is a benchmark firm in the international market regarding the manufacturing of bathroom equipment.

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