Granada penthouse by Bou Interiorismo

Category: Households
Date: 10 dic 2014

The interior designer Paco Bou, owner of Bou Interiorismo studio, is the person in charge of the project of the refurbishment of a luxury penthouse in Granada. It is modern and functional and the bathroom fittings  by Noken  are noticeable.

Laid out in three levels, the spaces in this 360 square metres house are assembled into two wings which are divided by a big open patio that gives access to the outdoor areas surrounding the building. The lack of partition walls and the choice of the black and white contrast as the main colour scheme turn out to be the “leit motiv” which integrates the indoor rooms and the outdoor spaces in the house.

In order to get the elegant contemporary style in the rest of the penthouse, and as far as the bathrooms are concerned, some elements from the Lounge collection by the designer Simone Micheli for Noken have been used. Therefore, furniture, basins, sanitarywares, mirrors and bathroom taps keep the clear design outlining a game of balance between the sharp geometries and the intriguing round lines.

The refined and subtle style that Simone Micheli has tried to find for the Lounge collection fits perfectly with the interior decoration of the rest of the penthouse. It does so, thanks to the elegant restrained conception of the luxury and characteristic of the Italian designer’s work and it’s noticeable in the synthetic refined lines found in the basins and sanitarywares or in the technical accuracy of the Lounge bathroom taps.

Not only the comparison between the gleaming white colours and the high seen dark surfaces, but also the contrast between the straight and round shapes help frame the meticulous work of the interior decoration of the design.  Likewise, both this comparison and contrast give importance to the design furniture pieces as well as to the innovative decorative objects which are present in all the rooms of the house. It is with this unique project that the interior designer Paco Bou has achieved a dynamic and contemporary effect in this massive penthouse located in Granada, historic city in Andalucía.