Noken I-Smart: bathroom technology for ultimate usability

Consumers are now looking for new spaces which harness technology to offer improved comfort, maximum safety, and efficient use of resources. Noken i-Smart offers a full range of smart solutions for the home and public spaces, from touchless technology to smart toilets and digital taps.

Technology is playing a key role in this new era. New consumers place maximum priority on smart spaces that give them more control: for a safer, more comfortable and energy-efficient experience.

A bathroom needs to be able to adapt to the various people who use it day in and day out, but given the constant presence of water, it needs to be safe as well as comfortable. This is why we're committed to incorporating technology into the bathroom, so we can meet our customers' real expectations in this space with such demanding hygiene and usability requirements. Adding value, and meaning.

Our Noken I-Smart technology enhances the functionality of bathroom equipment. Users can take control, using the digital settings to personalise their experience.

In a hyperconnected world, humanising technology to improve our quality of life, comfort and sustainability is key - and this means giving users more control in both public and private spheres.

Noken I-Smart Touchless: health oriented bathroom technology

Touchless bathrooms have become one of the best options for safer bathrooms - whether private or public. Public and shared bathrooms such as those in shopping centres, hotels and restaurants, have dramatically more traffic than domestic bathrooms, making technology such as Noken I-Smart a crucial ally in saving water, saving costs, and maintaining hygiene.

Public bathroom with Noken I-Smart solutions. Acro Compact urinal with integrated IR system, Project Tech countertop washbasin, Round sensor taps and Tono smart mirror.

Electronic taps with sensors can be operated without making any physical contact, making your bathroom a much more hygienic and safer space. They also save on water consumption, as the tap stops running whilst you wash your hands - without you even having to touch the taps. Most of our models such as our Round, Square, Tono, Hotels and Irta designs incorporate Noken Eco Flow technology, optimising water consumption and achieving savings of up to 70%.

Round electronic taps in Finish Studio finishes: chrome, bronze, titanium, brushed bronze, brushed titanium, matt black. On the right, Round taps in brushed bronze finish.

Another solution is our direct feed urinal with an IR flush valve, which uses an infrared sensor to control the flush. These contactless flushing systems don't only mean users can avoid contact when activating the flush, but also ensure the tank flushes in between each use. This is something that improves both hygiene and the user experience in public bathrooms.

We also have touchless toilet flush systems, smart solutions operated by the IR I-Comfort Line flushing system, available in brushed stainless steel or Finish Studio matt black.


Acro Compact urinal

Noken Smart Toilet. Smart the basics. Smart your dailies.

Cleanliness and relaxation. Base your daily hygiene routine on clean, pure water with Noken Smart Toilet smart toilets.

Noken Smart Toilet is an evolution in smart toilets, uniting aesthetics and technology. Minimalist and timeless. The auto-control technology means you can choose between front and rear cleanse mode, and you have a choice of three cleanse positions to ensure it adapts perfectly to each user. It has integrated lighting for use at night, you can control the water temperature, and there are three drying levels. With a heated seat and proximity sensor for automatic lifting.

Smart bathroom mirrors

Our range of Noken i-Smart solutions includes illuminated LED mirrors operated by motion sensors. As well as switching on when someone approaches it, the Pure Line model also features anti-mist technology and has integrated bluetooth speakers.

Pure Line mirror

Digital taps

Pure Line digital taps are very easy to use. The design is as solid as it is versatile, featuring a cylindrical body and elongated shaft, and settings allowing you to personalise your experience: change the flow, temperature and outlet with a simple touch using T-Start technology. Available in washbasin and thermostatic shower mixer tap versions, the taps have LED lights so you can see the temperature of the water at a glance.


The built-in thermostatic shower mixer taps have a control on the left for the water flow and outlets, and one on the right to turn it on and regulate the temperature

Designed by Luis Vidal, Mood digital taps can be programmed for a fully customised experience. An innovative mixer tap for washbasins and digital thermostatic taps for the shower. Both designs allow you to precisely control the temperature and flow of the water for more efficient consumption, and there are programmes for brushing teeth, washing your hands or face, and two other 100% customisable programmes. The digital screen allows users to select their perfect, customised programme, for a bathroom experience adapted 100% to their needs.


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