Noken from the beginning: A visit to the production centre in Orta, Italy

Visita al centro de producción de grifería de Orta, Italia, para que promotores y prescriptores ver la calidad e innovación en el proceso de fabricación.

To understand bathroom equipment design and functionality, it is necessary to know each piece from its origin. Its shape and functioning will depend on how it was conceived, starting from the design, and then shaping it later on.

That is why Noken, the bathroom equipment company from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, organised a visit to the tap production centre in Orta, Italy, with the aim that promoters and prescribers could see at firsthand how quality and innovation prevail over everything else in the manufacturing process of its products, leaving behind exclusive and unique pieces.

The Noken tap production centre is in Orta, a small medieval town at the foot of the Italian Alps. Especially important in this regard are collections so emblematic like Lounge is, designed by Simone Micheli, or Urban, which provides bathroom design with its urban appearance and adaptability to any type of decoration. Meanwhile, Arquitect is also created in this Italian production centre, a tap model which seeks to be a 'must have' in 2017. In addition, three other Noken tap collections are manufactured in this production centre: Giro, Imagine and Feis, in search of designs with a unique appearance and high functionality.

The Noken tap productive processes in Orta is governed by high technology and avant-garde design, developing designs that take over modern bathrooms and define their position because of their high quality. A differential value that the main promoters of Noken felt during this unforgettable visit to the production centre in Orta.

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