Fowora Residential, Banana Island (Nigeria)

Date: 20 ago 2014
[caption id="attachment_131" align="aligncenter" width="630"]Residencial Fowora. Noken Projects Residencial Fowora. Noken Projects[/caption]

Who hasn’t dreamed at some point of a holiday surrounded by luxury on an island paradise? We know the name of just such an idyllic destination: Banana Island. More than 500 plots of land of between 1000 and 4000 square metres make up this 1630 kilometre artificial island of enchanting beaches, which has become one of the most exclusive tourist destinations in Nigeria, with a road link to the island of Ikoyi.

Noken’s bathroom fittings have had the opportunity to travel to Nigeria to form a part of an ambitious project within this idyllic island: a luxury residential area equipped with all types of infrastructures of the most advanced technology, from powerful electrical systems and an underground water supply network to a satellite telecommunications system.

Several apartments located on the seafront, totally equipped with high range materials, make up the Fowora Residential, designed by local architect Bayo Adewale, consultant at Arctive Consultants Ltd. To guarantee the excellent finishes of this ambitious project, those in charge of developer Kinnear Investments Limited and the British construction business FO.AB, which already had experience in work of this type, chose the materials of the various firms of the PORCELANOSA Group.

To achieve the exclusive and elegant atmosphere which characterises even the bathrooms of these luxury homes, Noken’s bathroom fittings and taps have been used. Among the materials used are bath taps from the Irta and Acro-N collections, as well as the modern Nora mixer taps for sink and bidet, with lights for the sink. Several Urban, Neptune, Slim and NK Logic range showerheads were also installed. Additionally, several sinks from the Jam, Soft and NK One collections were included, combined with the Soft series’ suspended bidets and toilets. All of this is completed with different accessories from the Nantes and Quatro collections, also by Noken.