Noken present at …. the Don Pancho Hotel. Bathrooms with their own light and Aztec inspiration

Category: Projects, Hotels
Date: 19 jul 2017

Beyond the dreamy beaches, and the gastronomy that evokes the sea with every bite, one of the main tourist attractions in Benidorm is its exclusive tourist offer. It is in this wonderful location where the Don Pancho Hotel is situated, in other words, one of the first luxury hotels along the coast of Alicante. The Torrubia family has been offering incomparable accommodation to tourists from around the globe since the 1970s, and at the same time, bringing them ever closer to the bluish waters and the unmatched light from the Mediterranean on the Costa Blanca.

The Don Pancho Hotel has become the town’s emblem, since its longevity has made it possible for it to have been there for many years. In the past, Benidorm only had a small population of around 3000 people and although it was mainly a fishing town, it was later to become one of the hot spots for tourism, both national and international.

With a relentless commitment to offer an impeccable service, an almost complete refurbishment of the Don Pancho Hotel’s infrastructure was carried out, where a wide range of pieces and materials from Noken and other firms from the PORCELANOSA Grupo were used. Specifically, the façade manufactured with the KRION Solid Surface, the dining room, the lounges, the bars, the rooms, the bathrooms, the swimming pool, the terrace and the kitchen; those were the rooms and places involved in this refurbishment. Its owners had an ambitious challenge on their hands, in other words, to keep the Aztec “soul” that the hotel had been characterised by for many years with renovated, cutting-edge and quality atmospheres. A challenge that was finally taken on through the ingenuity and decisions made by its owners, as well as through the knowledge and the high-level of work undertaken by the architects, interior designers and decorators, all of whom were involved in the project.

Technical Mediterranean fusion bathrooms

The bathrooms are one of the key rooms in the refurbishment, since special emphasis was placed on the fact that the user enjoys an incomparable shower experience, creating a real relaxation sanctuary in each room. The bathrooms more than meet the requirements in those atmospheres where the colour white, along with fine materials such as wood play a major role, therefore, one can find a space which conveys neatness and calmness, as well as the ethnic essence that the hotel is characterised by, with mosaics and decorative elements in a metal ochre colour.

Thanks to Noken, the rooms in the Don Pancho Hotel are provided with bathroom furniture with pure infinite lines in natural wood in light tones; and minimal-style bathroom equipment with the Urban basin taps and bathtub taps, the Quatro accessories or the Kubec freestanding bathtub in some of the bathrooms.

At the top of the hotel there are penthouse suites, luxurious rooms that, besides having an 'infinite' shower that overlooks the east coast of Spain, there is cutting-edge equipment such as the Neptune Slim showerhead, the Urban shower, the Acro-N series basin taps and the Quatro bathroom accessories.

In addition, the PORCELANOSA Grupo is also present with the Japan Blanco floor tile flooring in the bathrooms, which creates a warm and elegant space.

To sum up, this project has elegant architecture and that Mediterranean essence, placing greater emphasis on the origin with a distinctive Aztec aesthetic, which makes it quite a unique place on the east coast. A sanctuary designed with meticulous care in order to provide its guests with utter relaxation and unique accommodation.