Noken Ceramic Colors: the high-end sanitaryware ceramic in colour

Noken Ceramic, the high-end ceramic range now comes in new colours: white matt, black matt, brown, grey and sand

The design of harmonic bathrooms, aesthetic and integral design, has become a trend which has grown in leaps and bounds.

Our latest designs bank on creating functional pieces which do not relinquish their custom-made possibilities, as the increasing incorporation of new metallic finishes for taps demonstrates, versions or the new Noken Ceramic Colors range for sanitaryware ceramic that includes colour in basins and toilets which is showcased at the 2020 International Exhibition.

All this, as a result of the tireless search for the total bathroom design.



COLOR is the melody of light


Noken Ceramic Colors

Noken Ceramic, the high-end ceramic range now comes in different colours, which go beyond the traditional white gloss. White matt, black matt, brown, grey and sand in freestanding basins, toilets and basins.

Distinctive finishes for contemporary bathrooms with a slightly softer touch, which add possibilities to the design, achieving bathrooms with a strong personality and with all the technical features of this premium ceramic, namely: UV rays and aging resistance, antibacterial power, scratch repair or easy cleaning and maintenance, among other advantages.

An ultra-compact ceramic which guarantees high strength in bathroom equipment due to its firing at 1250º. A material innovation and a chemical formulation like NK Protect, achieve a hypoallergenic material, pore-free vitrified, scratch resistant and unalterable against any thermal shock. High quality that takes sanitary ware ceramic to a whole new level.

Eternally perfect toilets, which stay as good as new.





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