NK Concept develops the concept of bathrooms with a sustainable and comfortable product

NK Concept es una de las últimas colecciones que hemos completado con nuevos elementos para cuidar el mínimo detalle y hacer del baño un espacio sostenible

Increasingly, architecture and interior design professionals require solutions and products for creating full bathroom spaces, which function together in harmony as elements which allow atmospheres which are conducive to the wellbeing of the user. This is why at Noken we offer full collections of bathroom fittings with multiple options in toilets, taps and storage solutions which adapt to different types of spaces and needs, maintaining an aesthetic coherence which links the different elements of each series.

NK Concept is one of the latest collects which we have recently completed with new elements, taking care of every detail and making the bathroom a more sustainable space. Thus, to Noken’s wide range of ecological taps for bathtubs, washbasins and showers, we now add several models of toilet, washbasin and storage unit.

Simplicity and minimalism define the cosmopolitan and contemporary personality of NK Concept, characterised by the combination of straight lines with smooth rounded edges in its forms to outline practical and elegant elements, which has now become one of the icons of the Noken brand.

Adapting to the needs of the user, NK Concept proposes several possibilities for washbasins: a spacious 80cm washbasin and another smaller 60cm model, both with free-standing and semi-free-standing options. The washbasin is completed with a suspended large capacity drawer unit with an integrated handle on the front, which perfectly integrates under the washbasin, giving the whole a visual lightness.

As for the toilets, this new product by Noken offers a large, modern toilet designed for comfort, with a free-standing bidet, designed with the comfort of the user in mind. The toilet sits flush with the wall, and has an ECO cistern with 4 and 5 litre flush options. Furthermore, the products can be installed with a horizontal or vertical connector for the waste pipe.

Finally, it is in the different NK Concept models of taps for bathtubs, washbasins and showers where Noken’s careful design work is evident, as a technically superior series of taps which allow a more responsible use of resources has been created. The whole range of mixer taps has a turn on cold system which avoids the unnecessary use of hot water, and flow limiters which reduce water consumption by 60% in comparison with conventional taps. To all of this, we add the careful aesthetic of NK Concept, and as a result obtain a product with stylised and elegant lines.

NK Concept taps are completed with five options of washbasin mixer taps (for mounting on the washbasin or embedding in the wall or floor), a bidet mixer tap, taps for bathtubs which can be shelf or floor mounted, and exterior taps for showers or bath-showers. Additionally, the series adapts to create solutions with the SmartBox Uno, Vario and Termo systems for showers, combined with the shower bar, flex and handle pack of the collection.

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