New NK Logic XXL shower head: a maximalist experience in the shower

Noken propone una experiencia revitalizadora maximalista por medio de los nuevos rociadores NK Logic XXL.

The shower time is one of the most comfortant moments of the day. After a hard working or a busy day, the time spent on this activity may become a routine through which we can reconnect with ourselves and achieve personal well-being.

To this end, Noken proposes a revitalising maximalist experience through the NK Logic XXL shower head, exapanding this range with new models of larger dimensions and new shower heads.

The size of a shower head is proportional to the pleasure experienced under the shower. This is how the XXL shower head concept is born: the larger the water outlet area, the more amount of rainfall it will provide, and the greater its influence on our comfort. With 1000x500 mm, NK Logic XXL distributes water widely throughout the body, and also achieves it in a sustainable way through responsible use of water. The wrapping effect that generates its water outlet means that with an equivalent consumption of resources a more efficient distribution of water is achieved, covering the body in a better way.

More is more: design, functionality and pleasure in large doses

The large size of this model extols its attractive design and maximizes the sensations equally. Through its perfectly defined lines, NK Logic XXL has a timeless aesthetic that have made it one of the benchmarks in Noken shower catalogue, being combinable with bathrooms of different styles. In short, NK Logic XXL is a shower that today is reinvented through a design with a double outlet of water of 500x500 mm that emulates a thin rain coat to wrap the whole body and covers it with a supreme 100% wellness experience, laying the foundations of a new category of product.

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