New Lounge shower heads with chromotherapy, relax and comfort for our senses

La serie creada por el diseñador Simone Micheli se amplía ahora con nuevos elementos para la ducha

Among the latest arrivals regarding bathroom equipments  by Noken , the new wellness showers from the Lounge collection were of particular interest to both public and professionals alike during the 22nd International Exhibition by PORCELANOSA Group.

The series designed by the creator Simone Micheli has already been expanded with new accessories for the shower, characterised by an aesthetic subtle and measured elegance throughout the collection, enclosing the most advanced technology, developed with the aim of making the bathroom space  turn into a world of comfort.

This new series of wellness showers contains various chromo therapy programs, and the user can select by using a remote control. Either selecting the colour cycle or choosing a certain tone -Energy, Relax, Balance or Sensation-, according to their mood, the user can be engulfed by the positive energy of the colour red, the luminous purity of white, the refreshing serenity of green or by the relaxing effects of  yellow.

In addition to the chromo therapy program, the Lounge shower heads allow another four possible types of shower, with rain function, fog, cascade and laminar jet function. Systems where technology and design are joined together so that the user can enjoy unforgettable moments of relaxation by activating their senses.

The wellness shower heads of the Lounge collection are installed by being embedded in the ceiling, and are available in three different formats -40x40 cm, 40x60 cm and 60x60 cm- adapting to any kind of space.

By means of the Lounge Wellness Showers, Noken invites the user to enjoy a magnificent multisensory experience without leaving the bathroom.

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