NEW IN showers: technology which enhances Wellness moments

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms extends its taps and shower head range for higher usability and comfort in the shower.

Creating the perfect shower atmosphere is one of Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms’ mottos. With regard to the latest designs for the 26th PORCELANOSA Grupo International Exhibition, the firm incorporates new taps and shower heads in its Wellness Sensations catalogue, banking on technology for the sake of the user’s comfort. 

The new Touch&Feel system: the power of water which enhances our feelings

Noken has launched the innovative Touch&Feel system for shower. A new registered shower concept which makes it possible to change shower functions with a light touch. Its use is soft and intuitive for the user, who can enjoy their desired shower experience with just a single touch. This innovative system allows several shower functions to be activated at the same time, therefore maintaining an excellent flow in each of the water outlets. It is also possible to combine some functions, such as rain or cascade simultaneously, or rain mode and jets. 

Noken offers the Touch&Feel system as technology that focuses on comfort. Shower customisation by the user is easily done with a simple touch, therefore the Wellness experience is complete. 

The Touch&Feel system is available in a thermostatic version and mixer, also in the Project Line or Smart Box version. The series is completed with an inverter, shower pack and support.

  • Touch&Feel Relax
  • Touch&Feel Energy
  • Touch&Feel Revitalization
  • Just Touch!


New Hotels shower head: technology which imitates natural perfection

The new Hotels shower head is a leading benchmark regarding elegant design. Made of AISI 304 stainless steel for greater durability, it is provided with two different modes. Two relaxing and revitalising options for the shower thanks to the droplets from the rain mode, as well as the regenerating water cascade. Meeting Noken’s efforts in achieving energy efficiency, the Hotels shower head reduces water consumption by up to 12L a minute, offering a stylish ECO design in the process. 

The Hotels shower head is incorporated into the Wellness Sensations range like a unique piece for the shower. We are dealing with technology which is able to emulate the natural perfection of water cascades from inside the home.





Skylight and Seasons: the colours of the sky inside the shower

Presented at Cersaie 2018, the Skylight shower heads are present at the 26th International Exhibition as unique shower designs because of their chromotherapy programs.

Three innovative designs with a lighting box which makes it possible for wonderful light contrasts to be created. In the 57cmx57cm version; the 57cm circular version and the 47cmx77cm version with rounded edges, these shower heads offer a customised shower experience, through different water outlets such as: rain, central cascade, double cascade and nebulizer. As well as that,  they are also come with seven-colour chromotherapy programs.




The Seasons shower head, for its part, has undergone a restyling of the original design. The 65cmx65cm shower head includes an innovative keypad which is simple, elegant and practical for the choice of chromotherapy and aromatherapy programs. An integral customisation of the shower experience which is complemented with taps, with the shower head having many water outlets and functions as well. The new Wellness programs with the Seasons shower heads offer nine-colour chromotherapy. Assorted colour programs, ranging from the fixed light to the colour wheel, in order to  meet all mood type needs and other related necessities.

Aromatherapy continues offering the three fragrances which belong to the collection: Energizing (Energy), relaxing (Relax) and floral (Floreale). Like all the Seasons, resistance and adaptation to wet atmospheres is a must in these shower heads. They remain unaffected over the years in unfavourable conditions, therefore, they turn out to be perfect for high-traffic Spas. 




Find out about all the latest designs at the 26th International Exhibition until January 25th. You can download the catalogue with the new bathroom designs by clicking here.