New finishes champion ‘total look’ bathroom design

Harmonious bathroom design, with integral aesthetics and design, has become a key trend that continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

The latest designs from Noken by Porcelanosa Group demonstrate a commitment to creating functional pieces that can be customised, as we can see in the growing use of new metallic finishes for taps and other ranges, and the new Noken Ceramic Colors range of sanitary ceramics, injecting colour into washbasins and toilets.

This has all come about as the result of a tireless search for total look bathroom design.


Noken Ceramic Colors. Coloured sanitary ceramics are back

The high-end ceramic range, Noken Ceramic, has been revamped with the inclusion of new colours beyond the traditional bright white. Matt white, matt black, brown, grey, and sand, will colour floor-standing washbasins, toilets, and standard washbasins.

Distinctive finishes for contemporary bathrooms with a slightly softer feel, enhancing design possibilities and achieving exquisite bathrooms with all the technical properties you would expect from premium ceramics; such as resistance to UV and ageing, anti-bacterial properties, scratch resistance, and easy cleaning and maintenance, among other advantages.

Noken Ceramic is an ultra-compact ceramic, fired at 1250o to guarantee high resistance in bathroom fittings. Material innovations and chemical formulations such as NK Protect have resulted in a hypoallergenic material with a non-porous glaze, which is scratch resistant and unaffected by thermal shock. High quality, elevating sanitary ceramics to the next level.

Toilets that stay as beautifully perfect as new over time.



Acro compact and Essence C - in colour


Acro Compact toilet, Lounge floor-standing washbasin, integrated Round taps and Essence C accessories


Precious metals trend: everything that glitters is gold

The worlds of fashion and interiors all agree: 2019 is the year of precious metal inspired finishes. Noken Porcelanosa bathrooms is reinventing design, defining new lines and aesthetic forms with its premium finishes for bathroom taps, shower heads, and accessories. Metallic glints that give pieces even more exclusivity and broaden decorative possibilities.

The new design has its own name, introducing: gold, copper, black, and titanium. Exclusive, premium looks with vintage accents that elevate bathroom elements without falling prey to ostentation.

Noken's special finishes are manufactured with PVD (Physical Vapour Depository), achieving a more durable finish than others. Noken's chrome finish is also distinctive. Maximum Chrome guarantees the beauty, durability and optimum resistance of the chrome finish, thanks to rigorous controls and daily monitoring during the chrome plating process to ensure optimum nickel and chrome thicknesses for each piece.



Exclusive finishes in Round and Square taps



Lignage taps in copper


Finish Studio. Customisation. Perfection.


Finish Studio is a new service that means you can create customised sanitary elements. Work is exclusive to each project, with a tailor-made result. Baths, washbasins, and shower trays take on new skins, mimicking other surfaces and textures.

Finish Studio pieces are unique. The perfect combination of innovation, meticulously selected materials, and a production process in which we pander to every detail, results in natural coloured, beautifully tactile ceramic pieces with unbeatable resistance.



Finish Studio Range by Noken



Finish Studio shower trays


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