The new era of the ‘bath-lounge’

The bathroom is leaving its traditional, essentially functional role behind, and becoming a true oasis. With more space, brimming with technology, and an aesthetic overhaul, they are now the perfect place for some me-time and all-important wellbeing.

This bathroom revolution is being driven by two key factors: Wellness technology, and the redesign of a space that's taking on new functions. Working in perfect symbiosis, they're both leading the evolution from bathroom to 'bath-lounge'. This new space is leaving anonymity behind, gaining in size as well as status, being elevated to the same importance as other rooms. Dedicated to privacy and comfort. Set the scene for your me-time.


From bathroom to bath-lounge 

Generous spaces, open and connected to other rooms. Spaces that breathe nature, with natural light, quality materials, and Wellness technology to accompany your beauty routines.

At the heart of this new bath-lounge is the bath - it's the new sofa, where you can read, listen to music, rest, apply body treatments, and above all, be reborn.

Next to it, furniture has made a leap from the living room to the bathroom; with stools, chairs, and decorative elements like ceiling lights, floor mirrors, rugs, dressers, paintings, and sculptures.

The bathroom, a new territory ruled by hedonism.



Free-standing baths, the perfect me-time partner.

Render by @designbyhyellow, with bathroom furnishings from the Lounge collection


Me-time and the at-home spa

Taking some me-time is a growing trend referring to the time we dedicate solely to ourselves, spending time on activities for enjoyment's sake. An activity that's particularly relevant in the home, especially now that we're spending more time there, is looking after our bodies and relaxing in the bathroom. 

And with technology being incorporated into bathroom furnishings, the bathroom experience is becoming even more personalised.

Innovations like Wellness Sensations electronic equipment give users a fully tailored relaxation experience, where they can set up their own spa adapted to their mood and needs. The "machine" connects with the user, combining the benefits of massage, chromotherapy, and music therapy: avoid the stress of everyday life and get a maximum dose of wellbeing.

Showers are for wellbeing too. With Wellness Showers, shower heads can be set to give you various sensory experiences with settings like rain, waterfall, water column, or nebuliser, mixing water and air to create an immersive experience. In addition, some models combine chromotherapy or aromatherapy.



Bath Wellness fixtures by Noken with Soleil Square



Pure Line bath by Noken



Liem bath and Lignage taps


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