MOOD around the world. Find out where to take delight in its exclusive bathroom design spaces

La polifacética y funcional colección MOOD de Noken goza de espacios exclusivos en tiendas PORCELANOSA Grupo por todo el planeta. Ahora puedes descubrirlos.

The elegant and sophisticated MOOD collection is one of the biggest bets by Noken, the bathroom equipment firm, for its exclusive exhibition spaces in showrooms and subsidiaries from PORCELANOSA Grupo right around the world.

The collection designed by Luis Vidal + Architects is capable of seducing architects, interior designers and design professionals alike not only because of its modernity and exquisite aesthetics, available in a wide spectrum of colours, but also because of its functionality, ecology and cutting-edge technology. In fact, its electronic tap line comes in response to responsible water use, since you can customize the experience to use it by controlling the flow and temperature. Moreover, the collection incorporates a very unique and captivating line of basins and wall hung sanitary ware, combining ceramic with integrated accessories and even with other materials such as wood.

For all these features, the versatile and functional MOOD collection has exclusive spaces in PORCELANOSA Group’s showrooms across the globe, where you can also view its items in a different way: through the new augmented reality APP. This app allows you to integrate MOOD in any space using a tablet, and even makes changing the colour possible, depending on the colours available in the catalogue for this product.

If you want to be seduced by the aesthetics and functionality of MOOD, you can find exclusive spaces from the collection in many countries around the world. In Europe, you can take delight in seeing this innovative bathroom equipment series besides in Spain, in countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Portugal and Poland. But the trip around the world with MOOD also leads the American continent, with exclusive spaces in the US, Mexico and the exotic Dominican Republic.

Visit your nearest store and live the MOOD bathroom experience in a unique and exclusive way.

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