Essentials of modern Nordic style bathrooms

This style of interior design is making its way into bathrooms, rounding them off with balance, warmth and modernity and providing a current touch to your projects. Discover it

As homes have become more flexible due to user demand, natural materials, soft textiles and warm neutral colours are increasingly significant in integrating spaces in a balanced way, resulting in modern Nordic style bathrooms.

How to achieve modern Nordic style bathrooms

Natural, unadulterated environments that transmit a sense of spaciousness and luminosity are a few of the key characteristics of this style, which is making its way into bathrooms to create an intimate haven of wellness and absolute relaxation.


Lignage taps in gold and Lounge bathtub

Luminosity, the main theme

If our work is to be carried out in a space with large windows, we will have gained much ground in obtaining the ideal luminosity for modern Nordic style bathrooms. In Scandinavian bathrooms, these elements are commonly used to provide excellent clarity during most of the day and to integrate the landscape as a decorative element.

But, if there is no source of natural light, focusing on bathroom lighting becomes essential. It is important to choose good artificial lighting and introduce whites and other light colours to create a greater sense of luminosity. Bear in mind that hanging lamps and wall lights have a place in this type of decoration.

Wood as the predominant material

Wood in the bathroom provides the perfect balance between natural and functional. 

Wooden furniture with straight and pure lines, such as our Essence C unit, is a must in modern Nordic style bathrooms. This suspended unit is available in 80 cm -its most compact version- and in 140 cm with a double sink, bringing an air of modernity to the room.


Essence C units

The secret is to reproduce in modern Nordic style bathrooms an aesthetic that is in line with a perfect decorative balance and that takes us to our own peaceful haven.

Washbasins based on linear geometric designs and rectangular vanity tops, with identically shaped mirrors, flush shower trays or freestanding bathtubs are characteristic of this trend.

Warm neutral colours, the main focus

The ideal colour palette for modern Nordic bathrooms predominantly includes white and neutral sandy tones, which add a touch of warmth. However, other colours, such as matt black in some elements, help create an atmosphere that is more current and akin to this trend.


Touch&Feel shower column, Arquitect washbasin, Round taps in matt black

And, let's not forget about the most representative plants in biophilic design. Thanks to the evoked sense of order and the simplicity in their lines, modern Nordic style bathrooms convey freshness, a freshness that we can enhance with the appropriate green nuances.

Wellness as the goal

Showerheads that offer a unique wellness experience in the shower or a spacious bathtub in which to immerse yourself are a must in modern Nordic style bathrooms. In fact, Nordic people know how to make a bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary in which to unwind, with hydrotherapy and hydromassage technology and even saunas.


Tono Bathtub

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