Mirror lights: the complement for the perfect bathroom

La iluminación da al baño la luz adecuada para crear ambientes personales lo suficientemente iluminados para desarrollar cualquier actividad en él.

Lighting provides the room with the right amount of light when creating both personal and subdued atmospheres, but at the same time, they are sufficiently enlightened to carry out any activity in the bathroom. If we want to have a good shave or put on our makeup perfectly, we really need to avoid dark and dim areas or even our own shadows, along with solutions that do not produce flashes, and which allow us to get close without the feeling of getting warm. That is why LED lighting is the best option without any doubt.

LEDs also provide that immediate on effect after switching, and furthermore, it supports continuous use with regard to switching it on and off very well indeed.

For light fixtures, the best choice is for it to be neutral, so it should be a light equal to, or bigger than 4000 k. Thus, the colours will be both appreciated and enjoyed, just like daylight is. Noken’s lights fulfil these requirements perfectly, because of being 6400K.

Also, Noken takes into account sustainability, and does so by incorporating in its fixtures sustainable LED lighting technology, which not only respects the environment, but also reduces pollution thanks to the lack of both mercury and tungsten. As well as that, there are further reductions, done by reducing pollutants CO2 emissions by 80%. We must also highlight its low power consumption, from 3 to 5 watts, together with the working level of 12 volts.

Additionally, it should be noted that all Noken lights have a IP44 protection degree. This regulation indicates that water cannot enter inside the light in any way, nor can anything in general which is bigger than 1 mm in diameter. Safety is another key point since with class II protection, they have double electrical insulation in order to prevent any possible accidents.

Following bathroom design trends, Noken offers mirror light models such as the Forma collection, which are placed on the mirrors  with smooth and rounded edges. Their great feature is that they are movable. These can be placed along the entire top of the mirror that they go with.

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