Minimalist elegant bathrooms with the Tono collection by Noken

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 14 dic 2016

Simplicity and functionality are key for bathroom design to meet the features for blending exquisiteness into comfort. The most outstanding example of this is portrayed by the Tono collection by Noken, the bathroom equipment firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo.

It is from the collaboration between PORCELANOSA Grupo and the prestigious Foster+Partners Bristish studio that this minimalist-styled collection is born, whose main objective is to adapt itself to the context and character of any house.

Everything in Tono fits and works together in a consistent way. This allows for each of its pieces to be tailored unexpectedly, therefore, providing the space with elegance and sophistication.

Versatility and luxury in Tono taps

The Tono taps are characterised by their solid original appearance which contrasts with their lightness and practicality, something notable regarding its intuitive use based on an extended lever making the grip easier.

Additionally, the edge of each piece is designed so that the light is captured, thus, representing a visual sign which shows the area where the control lever is lifted up. Furthermore, it has a textured surface which allows for its rotation for an easier use.

The unique beauty of the Tono taps is one of their other secret weapons. The gloss chrome finish turns out to be fascinating and versatile, and completely combinable and adaptable to any design and decoration.

Sustainability and high quality with Noken Ceramic®

The Tono collection also becomes aware of both water saving and sustainability. This is the reason why its basins have a capacity of 2.3 litres, therefore, providing the necessary amount of water without wasting a single drop.

In addition to this, the flow rate of the taps is completely adjustable to favour water saving thanks to the Air Eco technology.

On the other hand, both the basins and sanitaryware have been manufactured with the high-quality Noken Ceramic®  to achieve the highest performance. Their design can be customised and is available in the wall-hung version and the countertop, too.

In conclusion, Tono turns out to be the link between two important firms that join forces and their talents to create a versatile modern collection, based on the removal of unnecessary details to achieve a Luxury Premium design.