Minimalist and elegant bathrooms in their purest form

If you are looking for inspiring ideas for minimal bathrooms, here they are. We had the most collections and ideal pieces for sublime results. discover them

Minimalist bathrooms have personality. Far from the coldness with which they have been mythologised by some over the years, they are not only neat and tidy, but also comfortable.

An avant-guard trend in which nothing is taken for granted. In minimalist bathrooms, every element adds up. All the pieces are placed exactly where they should be to enhance the details of the décor and to bring practicality.

That's why today, we're bringing you ideas based on some of our collections that are more in line to the minimalist bathroom you have in mind.

Tone, luxury, versatility and sustainability

From our collaboration with the prestigious British architecture studio Foster+Partners, this collection was born, capable of creating sublime minimalist bathrooms, with the overriding objective of adapting to the context and personality of each home.

In the Tono collection everything fits together and works in a coherent and unified way, allowing each and every piece to blend in surprisingly well, bringing elegance to the room.

On the one hand, Tono taps are characterised by practicality and originality, an aspect that is reflected in their intuitive use based on a grooved handle for easy grip.

Similarly, the contour of each piece is designed to capture the light, creating a visual signal indicating the area where the lever is to be lifted. 

The unique aesthetics of the Tono taps is another of its main assets. The chrome finish is charismatic and versatile, with infinite combinations. The titanium and copper Finish Studio finishes, on the other hand, are designed to stand out and give personality to the bathroom.

minimalist-bathroomsTono Touchless mirror, washbasin and taps

Sustainability and quality of the Tono collection

Minimalist bathrooms in the Tono collection are also concerned with water saving and sustainability. Therefore, its washbasins have a capacity of 2.3 litres in order to provide the necessary amount of water without wasting a drop.

In addition, the flow rate of the taps is fully adjustable to encourage water saving thanks to Noken Eco Flow, which is capable of increasing water and energy saving by 40-80%.

Moreover, both the washbasins and the toilets are made of high quality Noken Ceramic in order to achieve the highest performance. The design is also customisable, allowing you to choose between a wall-mounted or countertop version.

minimalist-bathroomsTono mirror, washbasin and taps

In short, Tono is the result of the union between two great firms that combine their talents to create a versatile and contemporary collection, based on the elimination of superfluous details to design luxury minimalist bathrooms.

More ideal collections for unique minimalist bathrooms

Lignage, a journey in time

Lignage is our legacy to the design of tomorrow. A design with refined lines and a classic-renewed essence reminiscent of classic taps but with a totally modern aesthetic.

A gem created by Ramón Esteve for Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms, able to represent the past and the future of the bathroom universe.

In his sketches, its shapes and lines are revealed, defining its exclusivity and becoming an exquisite luxury piece for the bathroom.

minimalist-bathroomsComposition of shower with Lignage copper taps

Lounge, comfort and well-being through design

Its designs are based on efficiency and sustainability, premises that its creator, Simone Micheli, takes very much into account when shaping his unique works with their own strong identity.

The designer conceives a comprehensive bathroom project, focused on well-being and comfort, through design pieces that are timeless, that delight the aesthetics of the space, and are also functional and practical.

minimalist-bathroomsLounge washbasin, Lounge taps in copper and Lounge Finish Studio bathtub

This is the case with the unique washbasin taps with an exquisite design. Finishes available: chrome, white, titanium and copper, both shiny and brushed. As is the case with Noken Eco Flow, as they have a flow limiter to save water.

minimalist-bathroomsLounge washbasin and taps in copper

Essence C, simplicity and purity for your minimal bathroom

The Essence C collection is ideal for finding elements that create minimalist and welcoming bathrooms.

The simplicity of every detail exudes the purity of the series. A very versatile collection thanks to the variety of sizes and formats, which plays with rectilinear shapes and uses very resistant materials, such as Noken Ceramic or wood treated for wet areas for the furniture.

Essence C wall-hung toilets and furniture are perfect for providing the ideal minimalist touch, as well as benefiting from other practical features, such as: space-saving, especially in small bathrooms, and easier cleaning.

minimalist-bathroomsEssence C unit and Round taps in matt black

Other sublime combinations for minimalist bathrooms

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