Marble bathrooms: Sublime ideas to inspire you

Marble bathrooms have a high visual impact, as well as high resistance, which makes them endure, challenging the passage of time. Discover them.

Marble bathrooms are visually striking and are highly resistant, which means they last over time and catch the eye like works of art.

The timeless elegance of marble is a fine choice when it comes to creating an environment with a delicate aesthetic that is full of personality, with visually impactful pieces that add distinction to the room.

Marble bathrooms are and have always been synonymous with luxury. This natural stone has graced Roman thermal baths and Turkish baths since times of old, and is today the main feature of the trendiest bathrooms.

How to achieve unique marble bathrooms


Colours for your marble bathroom

Large bathrooms in white marble with floor-level showers are all about spaciousness, light and minimalism. The discreet veins in neutral tones like sand or light grey are simple yet distinctive.

Thanks to the skylight, this two-person shower is even brighter (if that is possible), with the Lignage shower column in brushed copper providing the pièce de résistance.

Grey marble bathrooms are a great choice. It is an eternally trendy shade that stands out for its elegance and versatility, as well as for how easily it can be combined with other colours.

This grey and white shower exudes the perfect organic air, with use of natural materials, a lively green touch and the connection with landscape through the windows as a key element.

ducha-italiana-banos-marmolItalian shower and Lignage shower column in brushed copper 

An Italian shower with a striking geometric porcelain wall tile, which perfectly matches the small black touches in the window frames and the side table and, of course, the Lignage shower column in brushed copper.

lavabo-slender-bano-madera-marmolSlender Deep Concrete washbasin and Round taps in brushed copper

Small marble bathrooms

If you have limited space or your bathroom has little light, colour matters more than ever.

In particular, for small marble bathrooms, it is a good idea to choose a light and bright colour range with soft veining. An all-white look could be the perfect solution, as it enhances the feeling of spaciousness and brightness in the room.

You could also opt for other neutral shades, such as beige, and combine them with white and copper details.

griferia-lavabo-bano-marmol-pequenoLignage taps in brushed copper with Carrara marble handles

Our new marble handle takes us back to the twenties, where the luxury of this natural material contrasts with the simple forms of the Lignage taps. A true art deco jewel.

Classicism and modernity in your marble bathroom

banos-marmol-clasicos-modernosAntic washbasin, Lignage washbasin taps and shower column in brushed gold

Our Antic and Lignage collections are slender and sophisticated, able to bring classicism and even more sophistication to marble bathrooms.

If there is one thing that characterises the latest trend in bathroom interior design, it is the combination of contemporary and classic elements. This is the case of the charming ambiences in which the Antic washbasins and Lignage taps share the space with contemporary pieces.

Marble and wood bathrooms

The strength of nature is embodied in marble and wood bathrooms, resulting in harmonious spaces that strike a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

The combination of these beautiful and unique pieces is very much in vogue. Indeed, the bathroom, now a retreat for well-being and relaxation, requires contact with natural pieces and finishes to offer a more comforting experience.

banos-marmol-grises-espejoProject Wood countertop, Slender Deep Concrete washbasin, Round taps in brushed copper and Tono mirror

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