MADISON bathroom furniture. Modular harmony

The 27th International Global Architecture and Interior Design Exhibition showcases the Madison bathroom furniture.

We reformulate the basis of modular design.

Starting from its wall-hung unit with 80cm drawers, the new Madison bathroom furniture comes with a series of elements which can be added to the main one itself. A metallic structure for 40cm towels, a reversible shower caddy to finish the furniture in curve, for both the left and right sides, and a 40cm floating glass shelf in a bronze colour.

Bathroom furniture capable of multiplying its shapes and creating sets as different as the many possible combinations of its pieces. A unique piece of furniture which also allows the different placement heights of each piece to be combined.



Modern MID-CENTURY Inspiration

Functional and adaptable, but without neglecting the shape. In its pure lines, Madison showcases a textured aesthetic front and a taupe colour. The inside of the drawer comes in a textured finish which simulates leather in a grey finish, and the worktop is done with a 10mm thickness tempered glass, matching with the furniture which will be in keeping with the final tone of the furniture. It has a push opening system and soft-close system.

A 900mm x 500mm oval mirror with polished edges, designed for the series, goes perfectly with the set.

It is combinable with Slender basins in both square and round formats.




From the modular concept to the rhythmic composition

As if it were a musical piece, each element portrays both tidiness and rhythm. Its combinatorial capacity is clarified in live harmonic pieces that balance both the shape and the function. No disharmony. The perfect shape harmony.



Download the new product catalogue through this link

An appointment with the latest innovations in bathroom design is waiting for you from January 27 to 31, 2020, at our central facilities in Vila-real.

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