Luxury hotel bathrooms: Discover trends and top decorations

In the demanding world of hospitality, the quality and design of bathrooms is as critical as the choice of master suite.

For design and architecture professionals, as well as senior hotel managers, delivering an exceptional experience in every detail is essential.

We know that this can be one of the main pillars of your projects and we want to help you awaken the wow effect with ideas for creating luxury bathrooms for places like no other.

Trends in luxury hotel bathrooms

First impressions are crucial, and luxury hotel bathrooms should be both welcoming and impressive. 

That said, let's explore together some of the most prominent trends of the moment:

Elegant minimalism

Minimalism remains a dominant trend, with the motto "less is more" guiding the design.

Clean lines, neutral colours and impeccable organisation are essential to create a space that invites rest and relaxation.

En-suite bathroom with Slate shower tray, Essence-C washbasin in beige and SWAN fittings

Sophisticated sustainability

Sustainability is now a priority in luxury (and all types of) design.

Recycled materials, water-saving systems and eco-efficient solutions are not only appreciated for their reduced environmental impact, but also for their innovation and efficiency.

In this respect, our WaterForest range of integrated sustainable bathroom solutions stands out, with which it is possible to save up to 89% of water without the user noticing it.


In general, luxury hotel bathrooms incorporate advanced technology, from smart mirrors that display news and weather, to home automation systems that allow guests to control lighting, temperature and music via voice or touch panels.

Elements such as the Slate shower tray with mineral fillers with the Noken Eco-Stone technology is a clear example of our commitment to the environment without giving up the highest quality technical properties: resistance, purity and lightness. And the fact is that the mixture we use for our Mineral Stone shower trays is made up of 60% natural calcium carbonate, recycled from white marble quarries.

Slate Eco-Stone shower tray

Elements that can't be missing in luxury hotel bathrooms

Certain elements are essential for a bathroom to reach the calibre of luxury, standing out among them:

Designer fittings

A great little detail that never goes unnoticed is the fittings.

Advanced design options complement the aesthetics, and offer functionalities that elevate the user experience. SWAN perfectly embodies this spirit of combining design and practicality.

Beauty, elegance and lightness are just three of the virtues of this exquisite piece created by the ERRE Architecture studio. Under the motto "Timeless Beauty", it integrates perfectly into luxury hotel bathrooms with a bold style and sustainable soul. The latter is materialised by its WaterForest design, which, thanks to the cold opening and its Noken Eco-Flow system, helps to reduce water consumption.

Beyond all this, with its simple and ergonomic shapes, it seeks functionality and eco-efficiency, thus adapting to new trends.

Upper level shower trays

A perfect example of a shower tray for a luxury hotel bathroom is the aforementioned Slate.

This sublime element made of resin and with a slate texture, allows an infinite number of customisation combinations so that your projects speak for themselves:

  • Measurements: The minimum width is 62cm and can be up to 120cm.  The length can vary from 67cm to 220cm. 
  • They can also be cut to size and irregularly shaped to fit the bathroom space. 
  • Finish Studio finishes: these shower trays acquire each of their skins through digital printing with state-of-the-art UV-LED ink with selected finishes that imitate the finishes of nature.

Slate Shower Tray Finish Studio Finishes

Contact-Less Solutions

In a sector where hygiene is a priority, touch-free solutions are indispensable in public toilets in luxury hotels. These technologies not only improve hygiene but also add an avant-garde and technological touch that enriches the user experience.

You can read more about these essential elements here, in our post entitled: In search of the 'wow effect' in public toilets: a new experiential concept.

Luxury bathroom projects in hotels by Noken by Porcelanosa Group

Noken has been involved in numerous world-renowned projects hand in hand with Porcelanosa Grupo, where each bathroom design reflects the brand's deep understanding of luxury and comfort. These projects, as well as meeting the highest quality and design standards, also anticipate the needs and expectations of the most demanding guests.



Photography: Bruto Estudio

ONLY YOU HOTEL - Valencia (Spain)

Photography: ONLY YOU HOTEL

PARIS ART HÔTEL - Paris (France).

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