Lounge Wellness Showers: a bathroom experience full of unique sensations

Combining in a shower package, thermostatic taps; Chromotherapy sprinklers and a shower handle, Noken has created a unique atmosphere of relaxation.

Lounge Wellness Showers is a shower concept, which apart from the personal care, it also turns out to be a unique sensory experience. By combining thermostatic taps, shower heads with chromotherapy and a hand shower together in the same shower pack, Noken has been able to create an incomparable atmosphere of relaxation and wellness inside the bathroom; as if we were 0ly enjoying our own spa at home.

Various choices: rain, column or waterfall effect mode

Lounge Wellness showers combine an outstanding atmospheric lighting together with different shower modes, providing the physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing with beneficial effects. A multi-sensory experience carried out by its Lounge shower heads with chromotherapy, which complement different water ways (rain shower, column and waterfall) with a variable colour explosion which has an influence on everyone’s mood.


Sixteen colours. Sixteen sensations

The Lounge shower heads with chromotherapy change regarding colours, with a wide range of up to sixteen different colours. All of them, the same as the water way mode, can be selected with a remote control which can be located inside the shower. Apart from its huge number of different colour variations, the shower head includes three chromotherapy programmes: Energy, Relax and Sensations; thus, offering a unique experience capable of surprising, delighting and also impressing.

It is worth mentioning that chromotherapy is not just a wonderful set of lights and colours. There are surveys proving that chromotherapy is a synonym of achieving both a mental and emotional balance and furthermore, it helps to face any challenge: The Lounge shower heads with chromotherapy range from cold colours related to relaxation, peace and quietness; to warmer luminous options, which are able to provide high energy and to revitalise both the body and the mind.


Thermostatic taps. Temperature control

The Lounge pack for a sensory shower also includes highly-advanced thermostatic taps. These special taps allow a steady water temperature control, so that the shower time becomes that leisurely relaxing moment of the day. On the other hand, the thermostatic taps in the Lounge pack have different water ways: an independent way with a great water flow, which allows for combining the waterfall effect with the other water ways.

By means of this Lounge shower pack, Noken is committed to that world where the whole body is covered in water, light and colour in order to adapt to its mood. A world of wellbeing where design and comfort are intermingled, creating a harmonious union, where the shower turns into a 0 spa.

Welcome to Lounge Wellness Showers, a bathroom experience full of unique sensations.

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