The layout and location of your house bathroom

The layout and location you choose for your bathroom is fundamentally important to the comfort of those using it - and its functionality. We look into one of the most frequently asked questions in bathroom renovations. Can you change the position of your toilet and shower?

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, and getting the layout right is crucial to ensure you make the best use of your space. One of the main questions people ask when they're looking into designing the layout of a property is where to place the bathroom within the home.

In this article we'll focus on where to position the bathroom in a house, and what options you have in terms of layout for the bathroom itself.

Where to locate the bathroom in your home

When choosing the best place to install your bathroom at home, you need to think about the various aspects that make for easy access and good functionality. But above all, you need to consider the more technical side of things in the bathroom.

Your bathroom is going to need electrical outlets, access to the water system and drainage. You also need to make sure the room is well ventilated. If it's an en-suite bathroom, you'll need to install an extractor fan to ensure adequate ventilation and prevent damp from building up. If you've got the option, fitting a bathroom window will add extra ventilation.

In terms of your water system, the simplest and most advisable location for your bathroom is close to your property's downpipe. By locating it here, the toilet and any other fixtures that require drainage will be in the right position for the grey waste to circulate properly.


Can you move the position of your toilet?

If your bathroom's already been installed but you want to change the layout, you might be wondering whether you can change the position of your toilet.

Again, the main thing to think about is the position of your downpipe. The pipework going down your house to the waste drain is fundamental to ensuring your bathroom remains hygienic and free of unpleasant odours.

If your downpipe is approximately 1 metre from the bathroom, it won't pose such a big problem moving the toilet from one place to another in the bathroom. But if your downpipe is further away, installation could get complicated.

It's important to bear in mind that this large pipe needs to be practically vertical to avoid any blockages or issues with the flow of the various types of waste that run through it.


Can you change the position of your shower?

The requirements are similar to toilets: if you decide to move your shower you need to think about the technical issues.

Yes, you can change the position of your shower. But again you need to pay serious attention to the downpipe and make sure you locate it in the right place.

If the downpipe is close to your shower, or if you can still move it to the new position whilst maintaining the correct vertical position of the downpipe, there shouldn't be any issues with moving the location of your shower in your house bathroom.

We recommend you always consult with an expert who can give you advice on the best alternatives for your particular project when deciding on the perfect position for your toilet or shower.

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