Lighted bathroom mirrors

A lighted mirror is one of the features that will make the most difference to your bathroom in terms of decoration. Discover our lighted bathroom mirrors!

The design of lighted mirror accentuates the aesthetics of the room and also makes it more comfortable to perform daily beauty and hygiene rituals, as it provides extra light. One aspect to take into account when designing a bathroom that will feature lighted mirrors is where they should be strategically placed, as the sense of space they provide can make the room appear bigger. Aesthetics and functionality in one.

LED bathroom mirrors: energy saving

Noken's lighted bathroom mirrors are equipped with LEDs, which last longer than standard light bulbs and reduce energy consumption by up to 80%, while still emitting the same amount of light.

The intelligent mirror revolution

Usability means designs that improve the quality of your experience when you interact with a certain element. At Noken, we offer mirrors like the Pure Line mirror with perimeter lighting, which will help revolutionise your bathroom, thanks to their demisting technology, Bluetooth connection, optional mobile phone shelf and LED lighting with proximity sensor. espejo-luz

Pure Line Mirror

Usability also applies to mirrors that perform more than one function. As is the case with our wall-mounted Smart Cabinets, which are equipped with lights and a demisting system, as well as soft-closing hinged doors.  Noken's most iconic models include designer mirrors like those in the Vitae collection created by Zaha Hadid. Design linked to technology. espejo-luz-vitae-noken

Vitae by Zaha Hadid mirror

Trend: Round mirrors with lights

The current trend is for round mirrors featuring lights. Circles are often seen in nature. They represent order, balance, softness, dynamism and fluidity, and are the basis of one of the key philosophies in the world of interior design: Feng Shui.  The lighted round mirror from the Tono collection designed by the renowned Foster + Partners studio is equipped with perimeter lighting and a demisting system controlled by a contact sensor. It can be installed with a magnification mirror using a magnet attachment. light-mirror-noken-tono

Tono mirror by Foster+Partners

Mirrors with bespoke lighting

At Noken, we manufacture polished custom-made mirrors and custom-made mirrors with lights, which can be equipped with front lighting strips, backlighting or different light colours at your request.  We also have light fixtures that can be added to any model of polished mirror.

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