Lift-off toilet seats: ease of use and cleanliness thanks to removable seats

Lift-off toilet seats: ease of use and cleanliness thanks to removable seats. Maximum hygiene in sanitary ceramics. Discover here!

When looking for the optimal bathroom design, factors that are not only related to aesthetics come into play, such as the elegance and the decorative style of the bathroom. In this respect, it is possible to go further because other factors such as functionality and comfort of use are also vital, not forgetting about easy maintenance and hygiene.

The bathroom is one of the rooms at home where we spend most of the time in our daily lives. That is why the contemporary bathroom design is intended to meet all the user's needs and provide them with comfort and relaxation, but without forgetting about making their lives easier through simple maintenance.

Noken, the bathroom equipment company from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, achieves this balance between high design and functionality in its sanitaryware, through innovations such as lift-off seats. Innovative technology that allows for improving hygiene, as well as optimizing the cleaning process.

Lift-off seats: maximum hygiene in sanitary ceramics

All the toilet seats from Noken incorporate the lift-off technology. This means that they are removable seats, guaranteeing greater ease with cleaning and maximum hygiene of the sanitary ceramics. This system for sanitaryware consists of seats which are very simply undone regarding their removal, through an extraction by pulling gently with one hand from the seat placed in the open position. By allowing the removal of the seat, cleaning the toilet is much more comfortable and faster, as well as much more complete. Then, the seat is pushed back onto the fixings in an open position for a repositioning of the seat, with practically no effort.

Soft-close: softer and quieter close for sanitaryware

Other advantages of the lift-off seats are that they come equipped with special cartridges, integrated into the seat hinges to ensure a much softer and quieter toilet close. This technology, called soft-close, avoids the annoying noise of a sudden slamming of the toilet lid, providing the bathroom experience with a greater comfort and safety.

Discover the benefits of the lift-off seats with soft-close system in this video:

How to experience the innovation and technology applied to the bathroom equipment, done by PORCELANOSA Bathrooms.

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