A new licensing agreement for Noken’s packaging: logistic efficiency and lessening the impact on the environment

Category: News
Date: 14 sep 2018
  • The new international licensing agreement with Capsa Packaging will allow for getting rid of 2in1® package shipments from Spain by Capsa, which reduces transport costs.
  • The firm will continue to bank on sustainability through packaging.

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms continues to count on both efficiency and sustainability during every stage of its production process and distribution. Just recently, the firm has reached an agreement for the licensing of the packaging of its bathroom products, through which, it will have a whole host of advantages.

This international agreement with the company, Capsa Packaging, will allow for, on one hand, that Noken optimises its logistical process. As well as that, Porcelanosa Bathrooms will bank on, for Capsa 2in1® packaging, local suppliers in its different manufacturing plants, which does away with shipping from Spain. Through this process, Noken will cut down on its transport expenses, since the product will be sent out packed from its origin; reducing the time it takes to ship the products and this contributes towards the reduction of the carbon footprint, by way of a reduction in fuel expenses.


Ecological packaging: the commitment to sustainability by Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms

Another of the advantages in relation to the international agreement with Capsa Packaging is the actual implementation of the revolutionary 2in1® packaging system, which is a lot more ecological and efficient. Among the benefits which this packaging typology offers are:


  1. Recycling. The 2in1® solution by Capsa is made up of reusable carboard boxes, which can be used in other ways.
  2. The patented system used by Capsa allows for the stock and picking system to be carried out without having to use certain elements, such as sealings or adhesive tapes for closure. This is packaging with flaps whose reinforced structure allows for not only enhancing logistical efficiency but also greater protection of the contents, which results in the bathroom equipment being delivered to clients in the best possible condition.
  3. As well as that, the box is used as a storage medium, which reduces time and resources in the distribution chain, which then streamlines the commercial availability of the goods and it reduces the delivery time for our clients.


Without any doubt whatsoever, this international agreement implies that Noken moves closer to its sustainable compromise. The products, the materials with which they are made; are based on an eco-design, and they are always designed with maximum usability, and ecology in mind. With the licensing agreement, the packaging is also ecological, which adds a link to the struggle for the efficiency and respect of the environment.