Less is more: The importance regarding organisation in the bathroom

En PORCELANOSA Grupo, diseñamos cuartos de baño completos, desde el pavimento y revestimiento al equipamiento de Noken, siempre bajo la amplitud y el orden.

In PORCELANOSA Grupo, we design complete bathrooms, from floor and wall tiles to equipment by Noken, and furthermore, every item must fulfill its role as well as welcoming and providing the user with a complete feeling of well-being.

The bathroom, together with the kitchen, turn out to be the most functional spaces at home. They bring numerous items together and it is vital for them to have a perfect arrangement according to their use. The  bathroom equipment integrated into the space not only provides both order and brightness but spaciousness as well.

It is worth taking into account just how vital tidiness is. The fact that our personal belongings are all over the place, not only means that the bathroom looks smaller but there is also a feeling of chaos and untidiness, which makes that relaxation experience difficult to achieve.

That is the reason why the storage systems, ranging from cabinets to bathroom furniture from collections such as Mood, Chelsea or Lounge,  provide functionality without compromising the minimalist bathroom design.

One of the other Noken products such as the wall hung sanitaryware, the concealed Smartbox tap system, or the extra-slim shower heads also make the bathroom feel more spacious by removing items and putting them out of sight. All in all, the advances in the bathroom are focused on systems which are integrated and allow a greater use of the space.

Therefore, it is worth following three steps when organising space in the bathroom: achieving a space while saving on the arrangement; cosy functional equipment; and that order is a must. This way, a neat simple, customised and a more spacious atmosphere is achieved.

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