How to decorate a unique large bathroom

Space plays a key role in any bathroom. It might sound counter-intuitive, but it can sometimes be just as tricky to decorate a large bathroom as a more compact one.

Decorating a large bathroom is actually harder than it sounds. You run the risk of getting carried away, which is always best avoided. At the same time, if you go the other way and take minimalism to the extreme, you could end up with a totally soulless bathroom. 

So, being clear on how you're going to use the space and striking the right balance between the two is vital.

Large bathroom: tips for striking the perfect balance

The term 'large bathroom' isn't exactly precise. It all depends on who lives in your home and your needs. A 10 m2 bathroom could well be more than enough, or it could be tiny. It's all subjective.

The important thing to consider when working out the size of your bathroom is really how much free space is actually available. In other words, once all your elements have been installed (toilets, storage space, installations and decorative elements), how much free space is left. Generally speaking, if you're left with more than 6-8 m2, you've got a large bathroom. 

Getting the right layout of all your elements is just as important as the amount of available space you have. Organising your bathroom space into zones is the best way of guaranteeing a harmonious layout in your large bathroom.

Usually you'll zone the space according to how you use each area. At a minimum, you'll have:

  1. The toilet zone. Ideally, you'll want this space to be completely private, so you may decide to enclose it with a door. 
  2. Zones that place relaxation and wellness front and centre, with a bath to immerse yourself in or a spa shower
  3. For personal care, you'll need a zone with a decent washbasin and unit. And if you've got a large bathroom, why not go one step further and put in a neat dressing table? 


Key pieces for a dream large bathroom

decorar baño grandeLounge room scheme

Large bathroom furnishings

Whether large or compact, bathroom units that make the most of your space and have ample storage are guaranteed to make your life easier.

They absolutely need to be part of your interior design project. They don't just add aesthetic appeal to your bathroom, but provide the everyday comfort and convenience you need.

If you love keeping your bathroom products tidy, and need to know there's a place for everything (and everything is in its place), they're an absolute must.


Gleaming washbasins and toilets

Everything from the most classic of bathrooms to on-trend, ultra-modern bathrooms needs a washbasin and toilet to match... And when space doesn't matter, it opens up a whole host of options:

  • Bathrooms basins: putting a countertop with an integrated sink, a countertop with two support sinks or a countertop with a sink on one side to create a vanity space on the other side are just a few options. So are floor-mounted washbasins and built-in washbasins. The fact is that by having so much space for all these options, it is possible to choose any measure that suits the user's needs.
  • Sanitaryware: not being limited by the available meters, larger toilets can be installed, which are generally more comfortable... although even our most compact options guarantee perfect ergonomics.


Pieces that add the perfect accent

If you're lucky enough to have a large bathroom, the age-old 'Bath or shower?' conundrum is likely to have one answer: both!

Either way, you need to find the right piece for the space to achieve equal parts functionality and design. Wellness and hygiene to the rhythm of your lifestyle.

Shower trays such as Zen offer the level of technical performance you need for maximum health and safety - without sacrificing aesthetics. They're a gleaming example of minimalist design, and make a fabulous alternative.



decorar baño grandeAmbient with bathtub and shower tray

Meanwhile, an iconic bath will always lend your bathroom a touch of elegance and sophistication. And a free-standing bath will tie the whole of the décor scheme together, becoming the protagonist.

 decoración baño grande rosaFlamingo Pink Essence-C bathroom

How to make your bathroom look bigger

If you've got a small bathroom, or yours just isn't as large as you'd like, use these tips to create a sense of spaciousness:

Install a floor-level shower tray

A floor-level shower tray will make the room look bigger. It adds to the sense of visual flow by creating an uninterrupted surface that extends across the whole of the floor.

Play around with materials like glass

If you want to maximise the sensation of spaciousness, materials like glass are one of your best allies. 

Having transparent or sliding screens will help you to gain millimetres and lend a sense of continuity to the room.

decorar baño grande

Go for white

If you want your bathroom to feel more spacious, go for white. If ever there was a colour that exudes peace and clarity - even in spaces where they're in short supply - it's white. It will also give your space a sense of harmony, and make it feel cleaner, too. 


Get a large bathroom mirror

Mirrors aren't just practical and decorative - they really do work magic. They have the capacity to enlarge your space.


decorar baño grande

Choose a toilet without a pedestal

Wall-mounted toilets with a concealed, built-in cistern give your bathroom a more spacious, lighter look.

decoración baño grandeLounge wall-mounted toilets

If you've got a large bathroom, installing a bidet guarantees improved everyday functionality and practicality. But still, you need to choose one that maximises the space available.


Use the right lighting

Getting your bathroom lighting right is key.

If your bathroom has a window, don't create any obstacles that prevent natural light from entering the room. If you want to add some warmth with curtains, make sure you go for lightweight, sheer textiles to allow the light to enter whilst still providing privacy.

So, what do you think? If you're still thirsty for more, take a look at our post on bathroom trends.

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