Japandi style bathrooms: absolute harmony in your self-care sanctuary

Are you looking for inspiration to create your ideal self-care sanctuary? If you are looking to bring balance and calm, this is the time. Discover this trend now.

This trend, able to combine the balance of Japanese decoration with the warmth and comfort that the Scandinavian style achieves using quality materials, sets the standard. And it becomes part of our self-care havens, resulting in Japandi style bathrooms where design, user well-being and practicality are everything.

3 essentials of Japandi style bathrooms

griferia de ducha Round Round showerhead in titanium + Slate shower tray in Marquina Stone + Finish Studio titanium Tono bathtub

With minimalism at the epicentre, both styles merge, combining warm and cold colours, wood and other natural materials such as linen and rattan, a mix that gives rise to spacious and luminous spaces, creating a perfect zen atmosphere, in which ultra-flat shower trays and freestanding bathtubs that invite us to relax are a must.

In Japandi style bathrooms, less becomes more—more harmony to let yourself go.

2021_02_17_noken_5169 copiaTono bathtub with Wellness Care System

The natural beauty of wood

Wood is one of the essential materials of Japandi style bathrooms, as it provides warmth to the room and, with just the right touch of green, connects us with nature, making us feel better.

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Opting for furniture made of light natural materials such as light wood or maple, with simple lines, provides the calm we are looking for in our wellness sanctuary.

2022_07_06_noken_20114Espiga Lounge unit

Beyond the furniture, you can experiment with the floor and wall tiles, combine rattan elements such as lamps or planters at different heights, bamboo rugs and soft textiles to round off the Japandi look.


The visual calm you need

Japandi style bathrooms are harmonious and have a perfectly balanced minimalist feel. Here, every detail matters. Each piece is carefully designed to occupy its own corner.

BAÑERA TONO FINISH STUDIO, GRIFERIA PAVIMENTO TONO TITANIO, SECATOALLAS ROUND NEGRO MATETono Finish Studio bathtub with Tono taps in titanium finish and Round matt black towel rails

These are spaces that convey freedom. Thanks to the use of bathroom furniture with an exquisite aesthetic and ideal storage capacity to ensure nothing is left in sight, maximising the sensation of spaciousness.

MUEBLE ESSENCE C - GRIFERIA ROUND NEGRO MATEEssence C unit and Round taps in matt black

Colours for transmitting sensations

This blend of Japanese and Nordic decoration means light neutral tones such as white and beige coexist with darker elements and pieces, creating a sublime atmosphere, in which plants provide the finishing touch.

2022_05_23_noken_9216Tono Finish Studio bathtub with Tono taps in titanium finish

The result is bathrooms where there is almost no decoration, with a unique sensation of light and where peace is the protagonist of the room.

MUEBLE LOUNGE ESPIGA 95cm + NUEVO INODORO LOUNGE Y GRIFERÍA LOUNGE EN COBRE Espiga Lounge unit, suspended Lounge toilet and Lounge copper taps

Have you been inspired by these Japandi style ideas? If you want to keep up to date with the latest in bathroom interior design, don't miss out on our blog.

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