The 27th International Exhibition: the bathroom experience and WaterForest are the main attractions in the new Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms showroom

From January 27-31, we will showcase our latest designs in the 27th Porcelanosa Exhibition.

The Global Architecture and Interior Design International Exhibition is back. In its 27th edition, which takes place from January 27-31, we will open a new showroom and expand the central office area by some 800m2.

Regarding the latest innovations, we offer more experiential and effortless ECO bathrooms, which meet people’s needs, effortlessly encouraging energy and water savings by up to 89%. All this, under the scope of our sustainable WaterForest concept which continues to grow. This year, this is presented in the exhibition through a video composition which demonstrates the real expenditure of water in our homes. A video which aims to raise awareness about the need to take measures in saving water and energy resources alike.


The new exhibition: Water in its inspirational state

The exhibition showcases the new Noken brand concept through the Brand Experience, an experimental and sensory installation which encourages visitors to explore the different states of water: liquid, solid and gaseous; leading it to one that rises above those which are known so far. It is the fourth state, a state which very few can see. Water in its inspirational state.



After the Brand Experience, the tour leads us on to the Brand Film projection.

Visitor will arrive at the exhibition space, designed by Jorge Belloch, delving into product innovations and design concepts.


Madison. Modular bathroom furniture is reinvented

The modular concept is represented in this bathroom furniture to achieve a rhythmic composition. As if it were a musical piece, Madison portrays both tidiness and rhythm with its combinatorial capacity, by getting a balance between shape and function. 

Madison, the new bathroom furniture, comes with a set of modular elements which can be combined in different combinations. An 80cm wall hung unit, a 40cm metallic structure for towels, a shower Caddy to finish the cornering furniture and 40cm floating glass shelving which all make up the bathroom furniture which offers a huge number of possibilities regarding its shapes.

A set both flexible and in reach though the imagination.



New elements for the Liem collection. Designing the comprehensive bathroom

Liem reinvents vintage style. Smooth and polished shapes, and a pastel colour range in finishes. A calm design for a harmonious, luminous and natural bathrooms with modern-day romanticism, which combines fine materials with technological ceramic.

Under a comprehensive bathroom concept, Liem adds new elements to the series. New timeless pieces which pay tribute to mid-century design elegance.

A new Liem bathtub designed by following functional ergonomic principles. A pleasant bath which allows the spine to rest more comfortably. With calm curved shapes, a pure aesthetic with a continuous interior has been sought-after due to its hidden overflow. It includes a shelf to put everyday objects on and also for installing the Project Line taps.



With regard to furniture, the Liem series adds a compact 80cm size to its furniture range. Like the 120cm wide furniture, it will be available in two versions: wall-hung and with floor standing; in two finishes, which are grey matt and sand matt.

In order to improve the collection functionality, we have created new auxiliary elements which provide extra storage space. The new wall-hung cabinet is made up of three shelves and a folding opening door at 90º, available in the same furniture finishes: grey and sand; they are combined with walnut wood.


Finish Studio. Unique pieces

Finish Studio is the new service which allows customised sanitary pieces to be created. An exclusive work for each project and whose result reminds us of tailoring work.

Bathtubs, basins and shower trays take on new skins, blending in with other surfaces and textures.

We are dealing with the perfect combination of innovation, a careful selection of materials and a production process in which every detail counts. The obtained result is natural colours, a pleasant touch and a unique performance regarding resistance.

Personalisation. Perfection.

  • Shower trays

Customised shower trays from the Slate series. The Slate shower tray series is customised through digital printing by using cutting edge UV-LED ink with any ceramic finish which is available in the catalogue from Porcelanosa and Venis.

  • Basins

Through a highly complex customisation process, the Finish Studio service is applied to the basins of the round Slender series, which become the canvas to apply the following finishes: Botega Acero, Mosa River Grey, Botega Caliza, Gold, Copper and Titanium, weathered Black and Ferroker, by means of two types of processes: decal and paint.

The hand-painted ceramic basins are unique pieces which require high technical knowledge, as well as a sensitive approach from the artisan who develops them, who not only manages to customise the piece at a visual level but also in terms of touch.

A unique and non-transferable result.

  • Bathtubs

    Finish Studio is applied in any colour of the RAL pattern to any bathtub model from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms in its panel through a handmade production process of high human value, coming with an interior in white. As well as that, it allows for the introduction of textures like slate.



Noken Ceramic Colors

Noken Ceramic, the high-end ceramic range, comes in colour. White gloss, white matt, black matt, brown, grey and sand; in floor mounted basins, toilets and basins.

An ultra-compact ceramic which guarantees high strength in the bathroom equipment due to its firing at 1250º. A material innovation and a chemical formulation like NK Protect, achieve a hypoallergenic material, pore-free vitrified, scratch resistant and unalterable against any thermal shock. High quality that takes sanitary ware ceramic to a higher level.



Oxo. Greater avant-garde design in the new pieces for the series

The Oxo series belongs to the Signature Collection, the Premium range from Noken designed exclusively by and for the company. It includes a new heated towel rail in black matt and anthracite, as well as a new shower head model in the black matt finish. 

With a geometric design of pure rectilinear shapes, the new Oxo heated towel rail is in line with the hydrodynamic inspiration of the series. Futuristic and structural. 



New designs in tap finishes

New shapes. New skins. New metals.

The new Square series of bathroom taps comes with a complete collection in four finishes: chrome, black matt, polished titanium and polished copper; it includes a single lever basin mixer and bidet (with or without pop up waste), a high spout single lever, in the deck mounted versions for basins, showers and bath-showers, as well as external shower and bath-shower mixers. The collection also comes with the deck mounted thermostatic version. 

Furthermore, the Round taps are available in the chrome, black matt, polished titanium and polished copper finishes, as well as in the INOX version, manufactured with AISI 316 stainless steel which is resistant to outdoor conditions.  



New designs in showers

In the context of the International Exhibition 2020, three designs have been included in terms of shower products. Firstly, Touch&Feel keeps growing thanks to two shower columns whose designs perfectly match with any bathroom style, in the square and rounded version alike.

Secondly, the new DOT shower heads introduce the unit system in the shower. Shower heads which allow infinite combinations in 30cm and 15cm square or round sizes. Colours: black box with a white front or white box with a black front. Functions: rain, central jet, sprayer or cascade, combinable with chromotherapy.

A compact and combinable design which fits in all types of bathrooms.



New finishes for toilet flush buttons

We take design to its limits. To the finest detail.

The new special finishes in toilet flush buttons manage to integrate each element of the bathroom into the set.

- Tono: copper gloss, brushed copper, titanium gloss, brushed titanium, gold glitter, brushed gold, brushed stainless steel.

- Forma: chrome, gold glitter, copper gloss, titanium gloss.

- Rondo: chrome, white, copper gloss, brushed copper, titanium gloss, brushed titanium, gold gloss, brushed gold.

- Oval: chrome, black, white.



The latest innovations in efficient packaging and quality control

The company has added a new packaging system which is efficient, and whose main advantages are the reduction in plastic use and also an improvement in the efficiency of the process and its autonomy, which results in less staff for its handling.

As well as that, in the ongoing improvement processes, the technical office has added two new investments in product quality control. A new thermal shock machine and a new salt chamber, both of them ensuring a long life for our products.  


Download the catalogue with the latest innovations in this link.

You have an appointment with the latest innovations in bathroom design from January 27th to 31st 2020 at our headquarters in Vila-real.


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