InteriHotel 2019: the effortless ECO hotels

From November 20-22, we are presenting our designs for the hotel sector at InteriHotel Barcelona, with a strong defense of sustainability.

Effortless ECO are the solutions from Noken, which we offer for effortless sustainable hotels. In this concept, we showcase a set of technological solutions and bathroom equipment at InteriHotel which, not only play an important role in the hotel, but also contribute to guest comfort; environmentally friendly in each gesture and with a premium experience to savour.

With the rapid growth of international tourism, sustainable tourism has become a responsibility for large companies. In Noken, from PORCELANOSA Grupo, we have spent years banking on productive models and more respectful solutions for design. We bank on the development of materials which contribute to achieving more sustainable, viable and profitable hotel businesses which make effortless water, energy and economic savings easier for chains, designers and people. Taking care of the environment without compromising the quality of the rooms or guest comfort.

Manuel Rubert, Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms CEO



Touch & Feel bathes the new shower experience. Highly technological but simply designed so that a simple touch is all that is needed to activate and feel Wellness experiences, with several functions simultaneously which maintain the water flow excellently. Rain and cascade, or rain and jets. People opt for their wellness mode. Available in two versions: mixer and thermostatic; as well as Project Line and Smartbox, which are easy installation systems.



Pure Line bathtub with Air + equipment and chromotherapy

The inclusion of Wellness and Spa areas in hotels acquires more and more strength in a commitment to increase wellness and the experience for guests.

The Air + equipment includes hydromassage with air and chromotherapy through colour baths, influencing moods very positively in a bathtub with a minimalist style.



Square taps

With refined and geometric lines with a marked personality, Square is a practical but detailed tap. A set of proportions, measurements and radii which result in an essentially unique and comprehensive tap in two finishes: chrome and black.

Its flow limiter reduces water consumption by up to 5 litres per minute.

griferia square taps noken


Safety valve for extra-flat shower heads

Slow Safety Valve

The buildup of limescale is one of the main problems for the maintenance of bathroom equipment. In the case of the shower heads, excess limescale in water outlets can cause water leaks, which can make them unusable.

Therefore, we have patented a new safety system for the new range of extra-flat shower heads. A non-visible safety valve that guarantees its life and which prevents water losses.



NK-Clean Rimless: la tecnología que limpia eficazmente

The Rimless NK-Clean cleaning system for toilets has the rim removed in its design, which allows for water to move around inside the bowl, covering everything 360º which sees every single part reached, guaranteeing the very best in hygiene.


NK CLEAN VIDEO from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms on Vimeo.


The WaterForest range: hotels which save up to 89% of water in the bathroom


The bathroom, next to the bed, is one of the spaces in which travellers spend more time.

With WaterForest, a 200-room hotel can reduce water use from 148 litres to 44.4 litres per person per day, which is a 73% saving of energy consumption compared to traditional products; economically translated it could mean an annual saving of 16.759 euros. In addition, using a source of energy that is considered clean means that some 67.5 tons of CO2 * could be stopped from being emitted into the atmosphere.

In the hotels of the future, technology is simplified and becomes a way of improving energy efficiency and contributing to sustainability. Systems of simple use and high comfort, which help the hotel and people to be responsible without any effort at all.

WaterForest is Noken’s commitment to sustainability. It includes a range of products which helps to save up to 89% of water, as well as energy and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

  • ECO dual flush system for toilets, which allow a flush of water to be applied to each need which, can save up to 61% of water.
  • Shower heads and hand showers provided with AIR ECO technology, in which water is mixed with air and its consumption is reduced by 10% without affecting comfort.
  • Taps and shower heads, which, without affecting people’s comfort, limit water consumption to a maximum of litres per minute regardless of what the pressure is, therefore reducing water use by up to 89%.
  • Cold-opening systems in taps, which prevent unnecessary energy costs.
  • Thermostatic shower taps, which save more water and energy than single shower levers, and the LED technology for mirrors and light features are also a way of saving, since they consume up to 80% less energy and give off the same amount of light with long-lasting properties.

Solutions which, also help to get LEED and BREEAM certificates for sustainable buildings for hotels.


Download our catalogue with hotel solutions by clicking on this link. From November 20-22, 2019 at C15 Stand with PORCELANOSA Grupo.


*Source:IDAE (Institute for diversification and energy saving, agency under Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism):


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