The Noken Smart Toilet

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Date: 10 may 2021

The trend of smart bathrooms innovates the wellness concept in the bathroom, providing a high level of comfort which goes beyond the shower.  

The Noken Smart Toilet. Smart the basics. Smart your dailies.

Cleanliness is the best chance to have some relaxation during the day. With the Noken Smart Toilet, daily hygiene is on a water cleaning basis. In its purity. We are dealing with a new way of understanding wellness in which people themselves take control.

Step inside the world of wellness innovation with smart toilets, in other words, sanitaryware which provides people with greater personal hygiene, as well as comfort thanks to the washes with water.


 A response to a society that seeks personal care which is increasingly more natural, personal and efficient. As well as that, one of the greatest benefits for people using the Japanese sanitaryware is the freshness and naturalness alike.

Acro Compact smart toilet. The new Noken I-Smart Toilet

The new Noken I-Smart Toilet is an evolution in smart toilets, synchronising aesthetics and technology. Minimalist and timeless. A return to the source.


The auto-control technology means you can choose between front and rear cleanse mode, as well as male and female settings. The toilet features a water jet with several massage options, water temperature controls, and five drying levels, giving you a range of options and the ability to tailor settings to every individual. You can activate the various functions using either a remote control or the controls on the toilet itself.


◎ Adjustable water temperature and flow

◎ Auto-control technology with three water functions - front and rear cleanse, massage functions; and three preset position settings for each user

◎ Drying function, with five different temperature settings

◎ Deodorisation: the system extracts unpleasant odours, returning purified air to the bathroom through the bottom of the toilet

◎ Night light

◎ Soft-close system

◎ Heated seat with temperature controls

Rimless NK-Clean 4.5/3 litre flushing system

◎ Descaling system to lengthen the lifespan of the product

◎ Remote control plus controls on the toilet itself




How a smart toilet works

The aesthetic may be similar to a conventional toilet, but it conceals innovative technology with water jets for improved cleanliness and intimate hygiene. They are very simple to use.

The smart toilet has two water outlets: one that gives the toilet a 360º clean, and another in the form of a tube. This latter outlet is for intimate hygiene.


The preset functions are fully customisable. The functions can be controlled using a remote control (which can be hung on the wall) or controls on one side of the toilet.

  • Washing functions

The Acro Compact toilet has a tube hidden inside the toilet. When you activate washing mode, the tube comes out automatically and emits a jet of water for up to 3 minutes. The tube oscillates and distributes the water. This function can be customised for frontal or posterior washing, as well as for female or male intimate hygiene. The tube has a self-cleaning system which activates before each use for improved hygiene.

You can control the water temperature according to your own preference (and time of the year), as well as the water flow and the position of the tube, with three levels for each function.

The ranges are:

  • Water temperature between 32ºC and 40ºC
  • Jet flow 500 ml/min to 730 ml/min


  • Massage function

As well as washing, this smart toilet also features two types of massage function: comfort wash, with linear movements, and pulse massage with alternating intensity. Both massage functions last 3 min.


  • Drying functions

After washing, the drying function can be activated for a maximum of 4 minutes - a jet of air is emitted from the inside of the toilet.

You can also control the air temperature, with a choice of temperature between 40ºC and 60ºC.

  • Heated seat

You can also heat the seat, choosing a temperature between 32ºC and 40ºC.


  • Night function

The toilet can be illuminated at night to make it easier to use. Because it is made in low porosity material, the toilet is easy to clean, taking hygiene to the next level. Noken's ceramic sanitaryware can be maintained with minimal time and effort, still maintaining the highest level of hygiene and safety.

We recommend using a qualified professional for the installation.


The Smart Way

Noken Smart Toilet