Noken I-Smart Toilets: The smartest electronic toilets

The trend of smart bathrooms innovates the wellness concept in the bathroom, providing a high level of comfort which goes beyond the shower.

The trend for Japanese smart bathrooms is revolutionising the wellness concept. Are you thinking about buying a smart toilet? Here's everything you need to know.

Your bathroom is the best place to get your relaxation fix throughout the day. Noken i-Smart  toilets draw on the power of water to provide next-level hygiene. Pure and simple water. A new understanding of wellness that puts the user in the driving seat.

I-Smart Acro Compact toilet 

I-Smart toilets: Smart toilets with an eye on the future

Innovation in the bathroom, for our wellbeing and a more sustainable future. I-Smart solutions transform daily care into an increasingly hygienic and efficient experience thanks to cutting-edge technology.

I-Smart bathroom equipment goes beyond making life easier and more comfortable, offering users an ever-more personalisable and practical experience: a bathroom tailored to every user.
Our i-Comfort and Acro Compact wall-hung electronic toilets offer a new take on wellness, putting aesthetics and technology in sync. Minimalist and timeless, they fit perfectly into any bathroom space.

I-Smart i-Comfort toilet

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i-Comfort: Discover our new electronic toilet

I-Smart i-Comfort toilet

This innovative smart toilet comes complete with remote control features:

  • Guarantees feminine and masculine hygiene, personalised for improved comfort
  • The drying temperature, and the temperature of the water used for cleansing, can be tailored to your needs
  • Air system for pleasant drying after cleansing
  • The nozzle oscillates up and down for improved water distribution
  • The lighting functions make it easier to use at night
  • Includes  Noken Clean Rimless; highly efficient toilet cleaning technology with a symmetrical flush on both sides of the bowl
  • The seat can be heated to your chosen temperature for added comfort and convenience
I-Smart i-Comfort toilet

How do you clean the I-Comfort electronic toilet?

Easy cleaning is another major plus of the i-Comfort smart toilet.

Why? It's made in low-porosity material, taking hygiene to the next level. Ceramic sanitaryware can be maintained with minimal time and effort, offering maximum guarantees.

The nozzle boasts a self-cleaning system, activated after each use for improved user hygiene. Plus, it can be detached from the toilet for deeper cleaning.

Noken Clean Rimless technology ensures a total clean without splashes thanks to the power of the flush, which quietly reaches every part inside the toilet.

This smart toilet also comes with a deodorising function; a fan sucks the air through the toilet flange. Next, the air passes through a diatomaceous earth filter, and the odour-free air is returned through the base of the WC.

Acro Compact: Everything you need to know about this electronic toilet

I-Smart Acro Compact toilet

The auto-control technology means you can choose between front (female) and rear (male) cleansing modes. This Japanese style toilet features a water jet with several massage options, water temperature controls, and five drying levels, giving you a range of options and the ability to tailor settings to every individual.

You can activate the various functions using either a remote control or the controls on the toilet itself.

  • There are three temperature settings for the cleansing water and drying function
  • Auto-control technology with three water functions (front and rear cleanse, and other cleansing options), and preset position settings for each user
  • Drying function, with five different temperature settings
  • Deodorisation: the system extracts unpleasant odours, returning purified air to the bathroom through the bottom of the toilet
  • Night light
  • Soft-close system
  • Ergonomic heated seat with temperature controls
  • Noken Clean Rimless 4.5/3 litre flush system
  • Descaling program to lengthen the lifespan of the product. A highly effective system that eliminates any build-up of limescale (calcium and magnesium) in the tank or internal parts that come into contact with water
  • Remote control plus controls on the toilet itself
I-Smart Acro Compact remote control toilet
I-Smart Acro Compact toilet

How does the Acro Compact smart toilet work?

They are very simple to use. Japanese smart toilets have two water outlets: one for 360º cleaning of the inside of the toilet, and another in the form of a tube for personal cleansing. They come with fully customisable preset functions. The functions can be controlled using a wall-mounted remote control or controls on one side of the toilet.

Smart toilet cleaning 

It's made in low-porosity material, making it easy to clean and taking hygiene to the next level. Ceramic sanitaryware can be maintained with minimal time and effort, offering maximum health and safety guarantees.

Plus, the Rimless Clean technology - with an innovative design offering symmetrical flushing on both sides of the bowl - makes cleaning even easier for high-efficiency toilets. The water forcefully enters the toilet and travels 360º degrees around the bowl, even reaching the highest angles, and all without any splashing.

Smart toilet cleansing

The Acro Compact smart toilet has a concealed tube inside the toilet. When you activate the cleansing mode, the tube comes out automatically and emits a jet of water for up to 3 minutes. The tube oscillates and distributes the water. This function can be customised for female (front) and male (rear) washing. The tube has a self-cleaning system which activates before each use for improved hygiene.

The water temperature can be adjusted using the controls to adapt to individual preferences and ambient temperatures.

The ranges are:

  1. Water temperature between 32ºC and 40ºC
  2. Jet flow 500 ml/min to 730 ml/min

Smart toilet drying

After cleansing with our smart toilet, the drying function can be activated for a maximum of 4 minutes - a jet of air is emitted from the inside of the toilet.

You can also use the controls to change the air temperature, with drying temperatures between 40ºC and 60ºC

Heated seat

You can also heat the seat, choosing a temperature between 30ºC and 40ºC.

Smart toilet night function

The toilet can be illuminated at night to make it easier to use. Looking forward to getting your own smart toilet? We recommend using qualified professionals for correct installation.

Advantages of I-Smart toilets

One major advantage of this level of hygiene is the increased autonomy it gives people with reduced mobility.

Our smart toilets are more space efficient, offering the 'two in one' function of both a toilet and bidet, making it easier to move around the space.

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It not only benefits the user, but also the planet. Smart toilets help save up to 100% of toilet paper thanks to their automatic warm water cleansing and drying system. They can also save up to 70% of water compared to a conventional built-in cistern toilet.

The Smart Way

Noken Smart Toilet

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