The Noken Smart Toilet

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Date: 28 ago 2020

The trend of smart bathrooms innovates the wellness concept in the bathroom, providing a high level of comfort which goes beyond the shower.  

The Noken Smart Toilet. Smart the basics. Smart your dailies.

Cleanliness is the best chance to have some relaxation during the day. With the Noken Smart Toilet, daily hygiene is on a water cleaning basis. In its purity. We are dealing with a new way of understanding wellness in which people themselves take control.

Step inside the world of wellness innovation with smart toilets, in other words, sanitaryware which provides people with greater personal hygiene, as well as comfort thanks to the washes with water.

A response to a society that seeks personal care which is increasingly more natural, personal and efficient. As well as that, one of the greatest benefits for people using the Japanese sanitaryware is the freshness and naturalness alike.


The new Noken Smart Toilet

The new Noken Smart Toilet is a new evolution of the intelligent toilet which combines aesthetic and technology. Minimalist and timeless. Back to the origins.  

Its self-control technology offers the option of choosing before and after washing, as well as three washing positions for wider use, meeting the demands of people in the process. Furthermore, it allows the water temperature to be regulated and it provides a three-level drying function. With heated seats and a presence sensor for automatic seat lifting, as well as a night light.

◎  Adjustable water temperature and pressure.

◎  Self-control technology with three water functions: before and after washing, a massage  option and a default position setting for every person.

◎  Drying function with adjustable temperature.

◎  Odour removal system.

◎  Night light.

◎  Soft-close system.

◎  Rimless NK-Clean 6/3L flush system.

◎  Remote control and function control from the seat itself.



Nk Concept Intelligent Toilet

The NK Concept intelligent toilet offers people intimate hygiene for complete before and after washing, as well as a customised masculine and feminine cleaning through a wash by means of a tube, which once hidden, works as a dryer. This electronic sanitaryware allows the water temperature of the wash and the drying to be regulated in three levels. The cannula oscillates up and down in order to improve water distribution, and furthermore, it has been provided with a night light.




All the functions can be controlled from the remote control or the seat itself. In this way, people, in an intuitive way, can adjust different functions to meet their demands quickly and easily.




The intelligent seat is opened and closed automatically when it detects people thanks to its presence sensor, and it also allows for three levels of water pressure to be selected, along with the type of massage and cannula position.


How a smart toilet works 

Concealed behind an aesthetic similar to that of a conventional toilet, smart toilets offer a new technology that facilitates cleaning and intimate hygiene, as they are toilets with water jets. They are very simple to use.

The smart toilet is equipped with a presence sensor that automatically lifts the seat when a user is detected, although it can also be activated manually. The sensor automatically opens the lid when a user is detected, and closes it again 30 seconds after no longer detecting the presence of a user.


The smart toilet has two water outlets: one for cleaning the toilet itself and the tube outlet for washing the user. For maximum hygiene, the outlet for cleaning the bowl does not come into contact with the user.

It has a pre-set posterior washing time of 90 secs + 4 mins for drying, with an oscillating tube, and water and drying temperatures and pressure at a medium level. Besides this AUTO function, all the values can be personalised and controlled either with a remote controller that can be connected to the wall, or from the controls on one side of the side of the seat itself.


  • Washing functions:

It has a tube inside that retracts into the toilet. When the washing sequence is activated, the tube is extracted automatically and it emits a jet of water. The tube oscillates and distributes the water. This function can be customised for frontal or posterior washing, as well as for female or male intimate hygiene.

The controller allows for the regulation of water temperature to adapt to our preference and the time of year, water pressure and the position of the tube, with three levels for each function.

The recommended ranges are:

  • Water pressure from 0.08 MPa to 0.8 MPa.
  • Water temperature: 34oC / 37oC / 40oC
  • Seat temperature: 34oC / 37oC / 40oC

The controls have a colour code for selecting the water, air and seat temperatures, as well as the air pressure. Red indicates the maximum, purple the medium and blue the minimum.

The position of the tube during the frontal and posterior washing can be set to 3 positions respectively.


  • Massage function:

As well as washing, this smart toilet is also equipped with a massage function, which alternates water pressure for a period of 4 minutes.


  • Drying functions:

After washing, the drying function can be activated. This is done by means of a jet of air that is emitted from the inside of the toilet.

Air temperature can also be regulated with the controller, and it allows for three levels of drying: 35oC / 45oC / 55oC. The controls have a colour code for selecting this temperature. Red indicates the maximum, purple the medium and blue the minimum.


  • Heated seat: 

The seat is equipped with heating, which can be adjusted to 34oC, 37oC or 40oC.


  • Night function:

The toilet is illuminated at night to make it easier to use. It has an ECO standby power management system.


*The operating range of the seat is 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz, and the electrical circuit to which the electronic seat is to be connected must be installed and protected in accordance with the installation regulations in force in your country.

The seat must be installed within protection volume 3 of the bathroom.

We recommend using a qualified professional for the installation.


The Smart Way

Noken Smart Toilet