Industrial style bathrooms: the retro trend that makes a big impact on contemporary interior design

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 10 may 2017

Decorative trends from the past are back to stay. In fact, some of those styles which already had their golden age last century, are now a must-have, as is the case with industrial style. Nevertheless, and although it maintains its highly retro origin, this trend arrives renewed and reinvented in the 21st century, with guidelines featuring contemporary design and the most cutting-edge and quality materials.

Industrial style: the origin

The origin of the industrial style comes from New York in the 1950s. At that time, artists and immigrants who did not have enough purchasing power looked for a practical solution for living in the big city through the refurbishment of some old factories on the outskirts. With hardly any refurbishment, those old factories became industrial lofts, setting the pace in what today is this hot trend in design. Its hallmarks were large windows and open spaces, high ceilings and worn out materials, as if it was showing the very essence of the building itself.

Other references of this style so present today in contemporary architecture is the Chicago school, that typical way of building which was used in Chicago at the beginning of the 20th century; and the German Bauhaus, which laid the foundations for industrial and graphic design in 1919.

Noken and the industrial bathrooms

In contemporary houses, bathrooms have been highlighted as an experience room. That is why, when it comes to designing a modern concept of interior design, innovative and high-performance equipment has been used. However, this modernity in the equipment does not have to be at odds with a retro style such as the industrial one, which combines aesthetics and vintage finishes with advanced technology.

In the bathroom, industrial style is revealed through an exquisite, elegant and minimalist interior design. It makes a commitment to apparently bare walls, through materials such as cement, concrete and aged wood. In the bathroom equipment, there are usually vintage pieces, with metallic and/or natural finishes, simple and sober compositions, predominating whites, blacks and greys.

Noken, the bathroom equipment company from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, manages to perfectly combine innovation with classic character, and it does so by obtaining industrial style bathrooms with great exclusivity and unique character.

Tips by Noken to achieve a renewed industrial style bathroom

Noken takes the 2017 'industrial-style bathrooms' trend and adapts it to increase our maximum comfort and relaxation without giving up on functionality and practicality, as well as quality and maximum design. The industrial bathrooms by Noken are spacious and minimalist, whose customization is based on some very clear design tips:

Elegance in vintage style

Objects with charm, capable of telling stories and talking about experiences, greatly enrich industrial bathrooms. Through series of strong vintage classical style such as Chelsea or Imagine by Noken, that high sophistication effect can be achieved, which reminds us of the ancient luxury decorations. A vintage freestanding bathtub, a mirror with character, or some taps with beautiful pure lines in a chrome finish, may be that distinctive point and, at the same time, original, in decoration.

Wood in the bathroom

Cold tones and the restrained simple decoration might make the bathroom look a cold gloomy place. This is the reason why the industrial style decoration is provided with little wood shades, apparently not treated, but with all the necessary adaptability that such a demanding space as the bathroom is, requires. In this regard, Noken offers modern bathroom furniture with some wood shades for a renovated industrial style, such as the Lounge bathroom furniture or the Hotels bathroom furniture. Through this equipment and other items such as boxes, baskets and wooden frames, it is possible to provide the bathroom space with a very warm vintage touch.

Metal finishes

Metal is one of the other fetish materials regarding industrial style. Above all, the antique-effect finishes or the ones in black matt are the most outstanding. Both the symmetrical and asymmetrical collections of Pure Line are ideal for providing the bathroom with this trend, through its furniture with metal legs and a sinuous mirror with a metal frame. Noken also recommends its Urban taps in a black matt finish for this style, which conveys trendiness, style and personality.

Having the room industrialised

Going beyond the bathroom equipment itself, following some decoration guidelines is recommended, making one’s room the best in industrial spaces. Ranging from a warm sober lighting with visible wiring, to some recycled and restored items, without forgetting the doors in an antique-effect finish, or forged grating windows and doors.

Welcome to the New York of the 50s.