Immerse yourself in the bathrooms trends in 2018

Si hay un patrón común entre las tendencias en baños este 2018 es la apuesta por la decoración de baños de estética singular y carácter ecléctico. If there is a common pattern among the decorative trends for 2018, it is the commitment to bathrooms with singular aesthetic and eclectic character Die Gemeinsamkeit der Dekorationstrends für das Jahr 2018 ist eine besondere Ästhetik mit eklektischem Charakter. S’il y a un schéma parmi les tendances décoratives de cette année 2018, c’est le pari sur les salles de bains d’esthétique singulière et à caractère éclectique. Если и наблюдается некое сходство в декоративных тенденциях 2018 года — это ставка на уникальный и эклектичный стиль ванных комнат.

This exact amount of innovation and timelessness means that perfect fusion, so bathrooms become much more than an isolated space for relaxing in. Bathrooms are becoming more and more integrated into the whole house, transmitting warmth and a sense of wellness which are equally present in all the rooms in the home. To design this bathroom space which is both integrated and unique, 2018 arrives with varied trends that provide an infinite range of decorative possibilities. All of them are presented as being suitable for all types of baths, styles and tastes.


Black matt finishes

Black matt finishes have already appeared in interior decoration in 2017. Taps, however, along with basins, shower heads and accessories in black, will play a leading role in 2018. Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms offers versatile designs in a black matt finish such as the Round taps and the Arquitect bathroom furniture. Elements that enhance the sophistication level, as well as maximising all decorative styles.




Pure marble

A material of origin and simplicity. Marble acquires one thousand shapes in the bathroom to provide its intrinsic elegance and firmness. This year, it has already been demonstrated that porcelain tiles can replicate all kinds of materials, and in 2018, this will make a qualitative leap forward through new floor tile and wall tile designs, and even marble-inspired bathroom furniture, too. The innovative Tile bathroom furniture challenges gravity and simplicity with a compact and geometric design covered in pure marble. An exquisite finish for the furniture that not only multiplies its aesthetic possibilities, but also offers the quality and resistance of the porcelain tile for easier maintenance and daily use.

High technology in the bathroom

Innovation and technology acquire more and more presence in the bathroom. The tireless commitment to make daily cleaning the most revitalising and relaxing moment of the day has led Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms to develop the Nk Concept intelligent toilet, which is sanitaryware that takes wellness well beyond the shower. The user selects the different functions of the toilet intuitively and interactively, thus adapting to the daily needs of each person.




Likewise, innovation and cutting-edge design are present in the bathroom in the form of thermostatic taps and columns. Noken has the MOOD thermostatic shower column and the Pure Line digital thermostatic taps. Designs which are controlled manually or electronically and that allow for a simple selection of temperature, water flow and water outlet.

XXL shower heads

The XXL shower heads, like the Nk Logic XXL shower heads, have been a revolution in the wellness world. Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms has opted for maximalist designs which combine chromotherapy and different water outlets in order to surround the user in a harmonious atmosphere, inspired by the sensations that nature offers.




Wall tiles with texture

Smooth and uniform finishes open the way to texture and volumetry. The walls become canvases where the material is revealed in its purest form. This commitment to naturalness coexists with designs that have patterns, such as the spike finish and mosaics combining materials of a different nature.

Round basins

This coming year’s trends in bathroom design have yielded to the delicacy and volumetry provided by round basins. Noken has designs such as the Forma basin or the Lounge basin with rounded designs and a minimalist finish, perfect for becoming the central element in the bathroom.




Through the PORCELANOSA Grupo, the firm Noken is once again able to adapt to not only the trends in bathrooms in 2018, but also to be ahead of them, through pieces that perfectly combine character, uniqueness, distinction and innovation.

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