Practical ideas for contemporary kitchen taps

We propose practical and smart ideas for fitting a contemporary and functional kitchen. Discover them!

The kitchen, and the sink in particular, is one of the main working areas for the preparation of food. The new proposals for kitchen taps focus on functionality, technical features and energy efficiency. They increase comfort and reduce water waste. Because in the kitchen, decisions do not have to be merely aesthetic. We present new cutting-edge designs that focus on the details and that, above all else, are functional. The new kitchen that makes life easier.

Magnet: a minimal high spout tap

Magnet is a minimalist technology solution with a design focused on usability. The high spout is extremely practical for large pots and pans. It has a swivel spout and it is coated in PVC with anti-fingerprint treatment. The extendable nozzle with magnetic fastening and spray function means we can wash food more thoroughly while using less water. It has a flow of 6.5 l/min and the spout is made with 25% recycled material. grifo cocina negro magnet noken The design combines a chrome finish with matt black and it will be available in 2021.

Bridge: the cutting-edge extractable kitchen tap

Cutting-edge means is being unique, being different. We opted for new special finishes to cover this new range of kitchen taps: a new generation of taps in a chrome, titanium and matt black finishes. Bridge is a long and extendable tap with a swivel function. It is extremely practical, allowing you to extend the nozzle and reach every corner of the sink. This extractable nozzle is designed for convenience and it has the double function of complementing the tap. An essential and highly functional piece for daily hygiene tasks, ideal for both single and double sinks. It can incorporate an eco aerator for a flow of 5 l/min. A contribution to water saving without sacrificing comfort. grifo cocina extraíble bridge noken

Arquitect: Bauhaus black kitchen tap

Arquitect is a model for Bauhaus lovers. A functional kitchen tap design. It has a slender profile with a tubular swivel spout with a flat top. The broad fine-edged lever handle adds character to the design. As well as the chrome finish, it is available as a matt black kitchen tap, lending a new look to the current kitchens. This kitchen taps also allows you to incorporate a flow limiter of up to 4.5 l/min, reducing the typical water waste that occurs in the kitchen. grifo cocina negro arquitect noken 2

Fold: the folding kitchen tap

Fold is perfect for kitchens that require the optimisation of complex spaces, as it is designed with a swivel spout and extractable nozzle, and it can also be folded down. Suitable for installations placed beneath windows, facilitating the use of the chrome-finish sink. We can reduce the flow rate by incorporating an eco aerator of 5 l/min.

grifo cocina abatible fold  noken 

Kitchen taps characterised by durability

At Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms, design goes hand in hand with resistance and durability. We create kitchen mixer taps with cartridges based on sophisticated ceramic technology. This technology not only allows for a long lifespan for the taps, but it also enhances their resistance to high pressure and water hammers. Noken taps stand out for their durability. With the Maximum Chrome finish and rigorous quality controls for the surfaces of the taps, we achieved a shinier and more durable finish. A double-layer chrome protection that can be adapted to any kitchen design and is easy to clean. They have swivel spouts and bodies, as this movement makes them easier to use. We can adjust the water outlet according to the user's kitchen needs. This function is characterised by its smoothness, and it features a swivel stop on the spout, which prevents overflows and restricts the angle of rotation to prevent against knocks. Maximum comfort for our day to day. grifo cocina negro arquitect noken

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