Ideal showers for unique moments. Sumptuousness and technology live together in the bathroom

Adicionalmente a un spa en el propio hogar, Noken ofrece la posibilidad de conformar una ducha inigualable gracias a la calidad de sus productos de baño.

Being a world benchmark in innovation and design, Noken, the firm specialised in bathroom equipment from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, strives to design a bathroom atmosphere which provides the user with unique relaxing experiences, which are capable of heightening and awakening your senses.

In addition to its projects for the creation of a spa at home, Noken offers the possibility of setting up an incomparable shower space, endorsed by the relaxation and comfort that the technology and quality of its products can only offer.

Wellness equipment in shower heads

Among the bathroom equipment products which are ideal for unique relaxing showers, one can find the wide range of wellness shower heads. Through a discreet and highly subtle elegance, Noken stands out because of both its Lounge shower heads and the Seasons shower heads with chromotherapy and aromatherapy series. Both collections combine the benefits of water together with the pleasant feeling of calmness and peace that the series of colours provides, for that health and mood-enhancing feeling.

With regard to the Lounge showerheads, they are available in ceiling mounted or with a wall connection, and they offer three types of showers: feeling rain, fog, waterfall and laminar jet. As far as chromotherapy is concerned, the Lounge series of shower heads is available in four colour options: Energy, Relax, Balance or Sensation. They can be customized at the user’s will.

On the other hand, the Seasons shower heads in chrome or gold format also have several water functions: indoor rain, peripheral rain, nebulizer and interior + peripheral rain. Moreover, in addition to the outstanding chromotherapy shower, the user can experience aromatherapy, which turns out to be the icing on the cake regarding unique relaxing sensations.

Seeking the ideal temperature

The thermal sensation also has a strong influence on both our character and mood, providing us with an all over feeling of relaxation whenever the ideal temperature in the shower is achieved. The digital thermostatic shower columns, such as the MOOD collection, monitor the water temperature, with the consequent sustainability and water saving. It is a product for the bathroom which combines both technology and functionality, together with innovation and design.

The ideal shower… interactively

Technology and avant-garde in Noken become evident when offering the user interactive systems that perfectly customize their own experience in the shower. The Custom Shower System guide, through an intuitive screen system, lets the user see how the shower of their dreams would be. The system offers you the choice of the shower head, the wall tile, as well as the type of installation, thus, making the experience in the shower unique and unforgettable.

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