Hydrotherapy at home: how to benefit from the healing properties of water

Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic technique that uses water in any of its states to foster both physical and mental well-being. Being able to enjoy it without leaving your home is a wonderful little luxury that you deserve.

The human body comprises 75% water, therefore, water is an indispensable element for our existence. Food and drink intake in our daily lives enable us to recover the water we lose, thus making it possible for us to survive.

However, water brings many other benefits to human beings, such as those linked to improving physical and emotional well-being. Water has been used for healing purposes since ancient times, but it was only in the 19th century that hydrotherapy really began to gain popularity. And, today, it is a growing trend in bathrooms where wellness is the undeniable centre of attention.

Soleil bathtub with Noken Care System

Do you want to find out everything that hydrotherapy at home can do for you? Immerse yourself in a revitalising world and transform your bathroom into an oasis of wellness. Discover the benefits that this ancient practice can bring you from the comfort of your home to improve your quality of life.

5. Benefits of hydrotherapy at home for a 'mens sana in corpore sano'

The term hydrotherapy comes from the Greek, meaning 'water therapy'. Therefore, we can say that hydrotherapy uses water in any of its states —hot, steam, cold or ice— to relieve discomfort and foster well-being.

But what are the benefits of hydrotherapy in particular?⬇⬇⬇

1. Stress Relief: A haven of tranquillity in your own bathroom

Hydrotherapy at home provides a relaxing escape, reducing muscular and mental tension. It allows you to free yourself from everyday stress in your own serene sanctuary at home.

2. Improved Circulation: Flow towards optimum well-being

Essentially, water acts on the circulatory system, reducing the sensation of pain, removing possible toxins and waste, increasing the oxygen in circulation and bringing greater relaxation to the muscles.

The combination of hot and cold water is therefore perfect in hydrotherapy, since, while the hot water dilates the superficial blood vessels, the cold water contracts them, thus promoting better blood circulation.

3. Muscle Rehabilitation: Renew yourself after doing sport

Transforming your bathroom into a personal recovery centre after your exercise routine is a reality. Hydrotherapy at home fosters muscle rehabilitation, relieving pain and speeding up recovery after physical exertion.

4. Radiant Skin: Deep nourishment for a dreamy complexion

This technique is equally ideal for comprehensive skin care, as it deeply hydrates the skin, improving its elasticity and radiance.

If you want radiant skin, hydrotherapy at home can be your best partner.

5. Restorative Sleep: Immerse yourself in deep relief

This practice calms the mind and body, forging the perfect environment to fall into a sleep and enjoy a restorative rest for rejuvenation night after night.

How to do hydrotherapy at home: Discover our most cutting-edge equipment

Soleil bathtub with Noken Care System + Noken Energy shower head

Hydrotherapy, therefore, is a very widespread technique with regard to the healing of muscular ailments. However, considering its capacity to bring relaxation, comfort and relief to the body, it is also therapeutically designed to reduce stress, as well as to calm the spirit.

Having hydrotherapy treatments in your own home is a luxury for those looking to retreat from the stresses of everyday life, as well as for those suffering from physical ailments or poor circulation.

By perfectly blending our bathtubs with wellness equipment and shower heads, you can create a highly relaxing, therapeutic and uniquely designed space in your own bathroom.

Noken Care System

Liem bathtub with the Noken Care System

Noken Care is a wellness treatment using oxygen microbubbles with huge benefits for skin care. Its use contributes primarily to optimal skin care consisting of hydration and regeneration.

This innovative system accelerates the skin's cell metabolism, allowing dead skin cells to be replaced by new ones. Additionally, it activates the production of collagen, which helps to reduce wrinkles and brightens the skin.

It is also able to trigger an increase in serotonin levels, improving well-being and influencing a good night's rest.

Liem bathtub with the Noken Care System

Noken Energy shower head

Noken Energy is an innovative kind of spray that envelops you in a gentle, soothing shower that refreshes and revitalises. Each spray nozzle has fine holes that divide the spray into micro-droplets. This creates a novel shower sensation that is much more relaxing and quieter.

If you found this post on how to do hydrotherapy at home interesting and you want to take your wellness to a whole new level, this will interest you.

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