Hybrid Living: flexible interiors in new architecture

The hybrid living trend is the perfect example of the new reality: more flexible interiors in new architecture, offering us a more adaptable way of living.

The last year has brought an evolution in our concept of the home and the way we understand the space. It’s gone from being the place where we spend the latter part of our day, where we escape the working world; to in many cases, our actual workplace and leisure space - the epicentre of our lives, where the whole day goes by moving from one task to another.

Having flexible spaces has become essential, and the designated use of each room often gets left to one side. Adapting ourselves to the new normal has brought a number of changes with it, one being the need to convert our homes into hybrid spaces, where our personal and professional lives are interwoven.

This new normal has shifted our lives 180 degrees, and it looks as though it's here to stay - at least for the next few years. It means adapting our homes has taken on new meaning: they need to be converted into the flexible spaces we now need, and our own personal haven.

Right at the heart of this reality is the growing need to move away from the kind of permanently open-plan, diaphanous spaces we've grown accustomed to in recent years. Now, privacy is more important: areas where we can be alone and get the privacy we need, but can still be opened up to create more available space.

Among the trends we're seeing on this front are rooms within other rooms. One such example that's experiencing a boom is bathrooms with integrated dressing rooms.


Bathroom with integrated dressing room: the bathroom as a beauty salon

Just a little over a year ago, the home was the place we escaped to after a long day at work. A space we could feel safe, calm and relaxed. But now that in many cases our homes are our workplaces, this has changed. Before, that was the role of the entire home, but it's now been reduced to the bathroom.




The idea of including a dressing room in the bathroom is nothing new. But thanks to new trends such as hybrid living, we've seen it becoming more entrenched in recent months.

A single room incorporating the dressing room and bathroom has turned into a true haven in the home. A beauty salon where you can go in search of peace and relaxation - something we really need right now.




A bathroom/dressing room is now a space where we can spend time on ourselves and get some privacy, and a place where looking after ourselves and feeling good is the highest priority.


Baths in bedrooms

Another manifestation of the hybrid living trend is the concept of mixing elements typical of some rooms with others. A clear example of this is the ever-more popular trend of putting a bathtub in the bedroom. It's one more way interior design has responded to the need for hybrid homes and flexible living spaces that, without a doubt, has strengthened the role of many bedrooms as a hub of wellbeing and relaxation in the home.




Bathrooms with windows: when the bath is the new bed

Bathrooms with windows are the perfect solution for getting rid of the anxious feelings we can sometimes get from spending so much time at home. It's relaxing to look outside, from the comfort of our own home, and the perfect accompaniment to the wonderful sensation only a good bath can provide.



Liem Bathtub


The bathtub in the living room: the new bath-lounge

A few years ago, the idea of having a bath in your living room might've seemed a bit strange and unpalatable, but today this is a trend on the rise. Something that may have seemed quite daring before is now becoming the preferred choice for many homeowners. 

Having your bath in your living room doesn't just give you the security of having a hybrid house where you can switch the function of spaces and turn your living room into a bath-lounge. It also gives you the opportunity to transport the comfort and above all privacy of your bath to one of the most open places in your home. A real revolution in the way we inhabit our spaces.



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