How to save water in the bathrooms sustainable

Noken lays out 12 guidelines for save water in the bathrooms sustainable making 2021 a turning point for change towards ecological awareness.

Water and energy resource waste is one of the greatest problems facing today's society. This mismanagement of natural resources, increasingly scarce, is very evident in households, where large amounts of water and energy are consumed every day.

According to a study by the Spanish National Institute of Statistics in 2016, the average consumption of water in homes was 136L per inhabitant a day, 3% more than in 2014. Of those 136L, on average only 1.5 are for drinking, with three quarters of the total amount of water being used in the bathroom.




Tips for sustainability by Noken

As a firm committed to the fight for efficiency, Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms contributes with its bathroom equipment to a lower consumption of water and energy resources, but it is aware that good management of natural resources depends largely on people. Noken offers 12 sustainable tips for achieving sustainability in the bathroom. 12 simple gestures for daily life which will help with the conservation of the environment and the efficient management of our resources so that each drop counts.


  1. Each use of the toilet requires a water flush. Opt for ECO double-flush toilets for a consumption adapted to each need.

  • Double flush of 6-3L: a water saving of up to 47%.
  • Double flush of 4.5-3L: a water saving of up to 56%.



Essence C is a toilet that facilitates the responsible use of water through its ECO dual flush system


  1. Avoid unnecessary hot water waste with bathroom taps.

Technology, like the cold opening system, always opens the cold water tap, and it can be used to select hot water when necessary.



The Round taps illustrate how, with just one bathroom fixture, we can achieve significant water savings and reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Its cold opening system means hot water is activated only when necessary, and the flow limiter integrated into the mixer spout limits water consumption to a maximum of 5 litres per minute, saving around 60% of water compared to a conventional tap.


  1. Renew your taps with a small gesture. Save up to 89% of water by incorporating an ECO aerator into your taps. This aerator limits the flow to a fixed amount of litres per minute regardless of the pressure.

  • Taps with conventional aerator – 12L per min.
  • Taps with ECO aerators: 1.3l/min (-89% water)
  • Taps with ECO aerator: 2L per min (-83% water)
  • Taps with ECO aerator: 3.5L per min (-70% water)
  • Taps with ECO aerator 5L per min (-58% water) 
  • Taps with ECO aerator 7L per min (-41% water) 


  1. Opt for an ECO taps by Noken.

With the WaterForest taps, you can save up to 89% of water. You will enjoy the same functionality with a lower water consumption.


  1. Opt for MOOD, the design by Luis Vidal and Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners which was created to be ECO.

Created through the fusion between two big design studios, the Mood collection emerged in 2013 to promote ecological awareness. Ecological from its origins, Mood has already won an award for sustainability as the 'Best Product and Design' for Green Good Design or the 'Best Bathroom Product 2013' for Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom in 100%.

  • Electronic basin taps: they allow for limiting the flow rate, temperature and time of use; all to achieve maximum performance with minimum consumption.
  • Shower column: several shower programs with an ECO character are available, optimising our resources and time spent using the shower.
  • Conventional taps: they maintain the philosophy of the series, working perfectly with a reduced water consumption.
  • ECO toilet: working perfectly with 4.5/3L.




  1. Install backlit wall lights and mirrors with LED technology in your bathroom.

They consume up to 80% less energy and produce the same amount of light, as well as lasting longer.



Pure Line mirror with LED lighting


  1. Install thermostatic taps for the shower.

They allow for the desired temperature to be reached much faster, which avoids the annoying changes of temperature while we enjoy a pleasant shower. In addition, the temperature remains constant.

  • Water saving
  • Energy saving


  1. Use the AIR ECO technology for shower heads and hand showers.

AIR ECO means that when water is mixed with air, it is used better, reducing water consumption by up to 10%. In addition, the jet is better. Compared with conventional shower technology, the impression is that of an even greater volume of water, enhancing user comfort.

With AIR ECO, less energy is consumed, and less CO2 is emitted, since a smaller amount of water is heated.



Our Neptune Slim showerhead with rain function achieves consumption of 6 litres/min when the AIR ECO flow limiter is added (available for 15 and 20 cm models)


  1. Time flies in the shower, so watch the time.

According to WHO, a standard shower lasts around 10 minutes, during which up to 200L of water can be used. (20L a minute).

Water consumption during 5 minutes in the shower and a maximum flow rate of 6L per min with Noken's WaterForest products: 30 litres. (Saving -85%).

Note: In third world countries, places such as Cape Town or South Sudan have less than 50L per inhabitant a day available, which is the minimum necessary to cover basic needs according to WHO.



  1. Have a shower instead of a bath.

Have a bath every now and then.

  • Water consumption for half a bath: 250L.
  • Water consumption for a 5 minute shower with WaterForest products: 30L. (Saving -88%).





  1. Repair leaks and stop drips in: basins, shower taps and in the toilet cistern.

For example: If a drop fell every second, it would mean a waste of 4.32L a day; some 1577L a  year.




    1. Turn off the tap while soaping up, shaving or brushing your teeth.

    E.g.: If we have the tap running for 30 seconds instead of 2 min while brushing our teeth, we can save up to 18L each time.

    Water savings in just one year when brushing our teeth (5 brushes per day): 32850 litres.

TIP: Electronic taps will do this for you.



SAVE the WaterForest.

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