The bathroom in Winter: how to make this space warmer and cosier

Category: Bathroom trends
Date: 04 dic 2018
  • Having a warmer bathroom which encourages relaxation is a top priority for many people in winter.
  • Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms increases the comfort level with designs for the bathroom, such as its heated towel rails and its fog free mirrors.

In winter, it is important to create a warm and relaxing space in the bathroom, which is free from the cold outside. It is so important to have the right temperature straight away in order to maintain the heat because the enjoyable and comfortable feeling that we all associate with the bathroom experience depends on that.

How to provide the bathroom with warmth and maintain the heat inside

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms meets the needs of the bathroom in winter with its latest advances in electronical equipment in heated towel rails. A functional system for the control and maintenance of heat in the bathroom, whose technology makes the space the perfect place for relaxing in.

Smart, Smart Eco and Smart Plus are the three pieces of available electronic equipment which all have differentiating functions. The Smart Plus Program is the system which has the most benefits, such as: a timer, thermostatic control, night function and the keypad lock. Smart Plus is also an ECO system, and it is even capable of detecting heat that escapes through an open window.

Comfort is not the only benefit of the heated towel rails, because once the shower experience is over, there is a warm and pleasurable feeling waiting for us. The designs themselves by Noken are also done in the finest detail and they even offer different finishes in order to meet the style requirements of every bathroom.





Fog free technology: forget about those steamed up mirrors

The humidity which settles on the mirror is one of the annoying discomforts in our day-to-day lives. The investigation which has been carried out by Noken in this field has made the design of the mirrors with the fog free technology possible, like those from the Pure Line series. Created from a cutting-edge design and a built-in led light, these mirrors also appeal to the cutting-edge technology with Bluetooth, and furthermore, they even have the possibility of having a shelf included which is perfect for leaving a mobile phone on.




Warm decoration: placing emphasis on the perfect winter bathroom

Decoration can also influence the warmth of the bathroom in a very positive way. The natural materials aesthetically enhance this comfort. Either stone or wood in the bathroom is a good option, as well as styles which are more Nordic or Scandinavian, which can be found in the Nature collection. Decorative tips from the north of Europe for the happiest country in the world.