How to fix a dripping tap

If you don’t repair a leaky tap, it can waste over 4 litres of water per day. In this post, learn how to fix a dripping mixer tap.

If one drop were to fall every second, this would waste 4.32 litres of water per day, or 1,577 litres per year. Leaks and drips from our bathroom taps can waste water but are easy to avoid, simply by ensuring good tap maintenance. One of the main problems is when our taps start to drip. And to fix a leaky mixer tap, whether it’s in the bathroom or kitchen, you will probably need to replace the ceramic cartridge inside with a new one. Noken cartridges work using ceramic disks which collect water, open and close the supply, regulate flow and temperature. They are found inside the tap and supply mixed water.

To change a mixer tap cartridge and fix a leak, you will need…  

  • An adjustable wrench
  • An Allen key
  • A new cartridge

How to replace a tap cartridge to fix a dripping mixer tap, step by step:

    1. Remove the tap’s decorative cover by hand, which hides the hole through which we can access the screw to remove the single handle.
    2. Loosen the handle set screw with an Allen key and remove the tap’s handle.
    3. Remove the mixer tap cartridge's decorative cover.
    4. Loosen the cartridge locknut using a large adjustable wrench, and finish loosening it by hand.
    5. Remove the old cartridge, paying attention to the position. Install a new ceramic tap cartridge, lining up the water outlets correctly and checking that it is properly fastened.
    6. Replace the locknut and tighten it by hand. Finish by tightening it with the wrench.
    7. Replace the cartridge's decorative cover and the tap handle. Tighten the set screw to fasten it and replace the decorative cover.
    8. You can now switch the water supply back on, and check that you have fixed the dripping tap.
    If the water flow is irregular, you might also need to clean and change the tap aerator. As we explained in this post, aerators are easy to install and no professional assistance is required. They are simply screwed into or unscrewed from the opening of the spout. To remove particles of dirt, grit or limescale that may obstruct the flow of water and reduce the tap’s efficiency, you just need to remove it and immerse it in vinegar.

How to replace your thermostatic tap cartridge

If your thermostatic tap is dripping, you probably need to replace your tap cartridge. We recommend following these steps:
  1. Remove the lever and trim, and remember the order you've taken them off in so you can replace them correctly afterwards.
  2. Use the non-return valves to switch off the water supply. Turn on the tap to decrease any pressure.
  3. Remove the cartridge from the thermostatic tap
  4. Install the new cartridge and use the non-return valves to switch on the water supply.
  5. Put the lever back into position, switch on the tap and check the water temperature. Set the temperature to 38ºC (100ºF)
  6. Turn the lever clockwise to switch off the tap
  7. Reinstall each component and align the lever button with the stop ring, at 12 'o clock position
  8. Check there aren't any leaks, and install each piece of the trim
  9. Finally, you need to check that the temperature is set correctly at 38ºC

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