How to decorate an urban bathroom: minimalism and light to get a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere

La amplitud, el minimalismo y un equipamiento sutil y práctico pueden ser todo lo que necesitas en el diseño de un baño para que aporte un relax absoluto.

Living in a big city often involves being in an atmosphere that is quite stressful. And, when in search of that resting place at home, the bathroom is especially relevant, now that it is has moved on from being a mere functional room to a more experimental one.

Regardless of our urban bathroom size, we must think about how to optimize it to achieve maximum comfort and relaxation. For this, it is important to arrange the elements so that nothing interrupts those moments of escapism, providing access to natural light and eliminating anything that is not important from the equation. Spaciousness, minimalist style and subtle and practical equipment can be, in short, everything you need for a relaxing bathroom.

Diaphanous spaces with big light access

Bathroom design is crucial when looking for the calmness you need. It is best to bank on an elegant but sober design, diaphanous but without compromising the essential. Opt for getting a completely relaxing atmosphere, a minimalist style design, clear and smooth colours for greater serenity with a big natural light access. For this, you must have large windows in your bathroom which, in addition to boosting natural light, let you enjoy a relaxing bathroom with views.

Minimalist and highly functional elements

Bathroom equipment should be simple and practical in a minimalist bathroom style. With Noken, a company from the  PORCELANOSA Grupo, the design shines, but functionality stands out from everything else. Collections such as Essence-C, Lounge, Forma or Urban-C are perfect for urban bathroom decoration, not only because of their contemporary look, but also for being capable of meeting our full expectations.

The Essence-C series, for example, relies on minimalist and rectangular shapes to provide practical basins, wall-hung sanitaryware and freestanding bathtubs that make life easier and simplify the use experience.

However, Lounge plays with geometry, and it does so through its neat, symmetrical and natural lines, which are shown through elegant and functional bathroom furniture, freestanding acrylic bathtubs and taps. The latter also allow for the design to be customized with copper, silver and gold finishes.

Meanwhile, Urban-C is purity and balance. Equipment with simple shapes available to the user through sanitaryware with cistern (c/c pan), back-to-wall pans, wall hung pieces and several basin models. Complete functionality for urban bathrooms but without losing the design essence.

With regard to Forma, it is a light and timeless collection, featured by the minimalism of its sanitaryware, bathroom accessories and taps, all without renouncing the technology that guarantees sustainability.

Spacious apartments with bathrooms 100% experiences

Beyond urban bathrooms of small dimensions, in which spaciousness and maximum functionality of the elements is sought after more than anything else, there are much larger city apartments in which urban bathrooms are set up around atmospheres of experiences. Home bathrooms located in major population centres which allow for total bathroom enjoyment when it is time to leave the stress of work and daily life far behind.

Decoration and placement of the elements in the bathroom based on minimalist designs is just as important here as in limited or smaller type bathrooms. It is also important to have large light bulbs in strategic places, as well as eliminating unnecessary types of hindrances that are on view in such a way to get a visual tour that is totally clean and of full of calmness and serenity.

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